Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inglot Haul ^_^

Hello All!!

I was delighted to discover recently that my beloved Inglot has arrived in Limerick, at The Crescent Shopping Centre which is about an hour and a half away from where I live in Galway, much better that the trip to Dublin on the other side of the Island! So saddled with all my Christmas pennies, I travelled down, the morning after a dream I'd had in which I went to the Inglot store to buy palettes, aww the powder of the subconscious!!
Here are some of the goodies I purchased on my trip.....

(Swatches are dry, one coat & on bare skin using cotton swabs)

Palette #1
 Neutral Matte Shadows; #353, 344, 341, 358, 363
Mattes #342, 327, 378, 326, 329
Price for the 10 pan palettes in Ireland;
€55 (€44 with pro 20% discount)

Palette #2
 Coloured Matte Shadows;  #351, 359, 346, 320, 325
 Coloured #345, 333, 377, 321, 340

Yellow toned Translucent Face Powder €14 (€11.20 with discount)
4SS Large Blender Makeup Brush €22 (€17.60 with discount)

AMC Pure Pigment #35 €15 (€12 with discount)
 Metallic Gold/Silver finish when light reflecting.....
 Purple/Violet tone without light saturation.....
Love this pigment!!

Nail Enamel #851 €10 (€8 with discount),
 AMC Cream Blush #84 €14 (€11.20 with discount),
 Nail Enamel #976

And finally, the mixing medium or 'eyeliner activator' "Duraline"
€10.00 (€8.00 with discount)

I'll be making another trip down in the coming months I'm absolutely sure of!! I particularly want to pick up more if not all of the AMC Cream Blushes as I'm so impressed with the quality of the lovely natural pink one I got for myself. Yummy Yummy Makeup!!!!
Oh and I have to add in that the staff in the Inglot stores here in Ireland are always a complete pleasure to deal with and have the right balance of helping you/leaving you alone to explore. Denise in the Limerick store who was my 'helper' when down there was really lovely and genuine. Definitely take the trip to the shop if ye are in the vicinity anytime in the future! 

Til next time.


  1. Love Inglot! Their stuff is just Fab! I got the duraline just before Christmas and I love it! Great haul!

  2. Lovely haul, ive been wanting to try the cream blushes and some pigments:) I was so happy when i heard about inglot opening in limerick! i live closes enough to there so i find myself in there all the time now haha! i spent all my christmas pennies there too, i love it:D x

  3. Hey, I've given you a blog award - !! :) <3 xx

  4. I really want to try Inglot, I neve tried them before and I am so looking forward to do it, there is not Inglot store in my city though! thanks for sharing!

  5. Great haul

    I LOVE inglot!

    Might get Duraline next time I'm near an Inglot

    Nail #851 is lovely!

  6. Yes Inglot is great, although I own only two palettes. I will have to try those cream blushes. They have a store in Zagreb near the place that I work, so I will just pick it up on break. I have similar skin tone as you Shiv, which colour should I take?

  7. Price for the 10 pan palettes in Poland - 35 EUR.

  8. For me Inglot is like a holy grail of cosmetic brands. I absolutely love their products!

  9. Thanks Jacinta! Yeah, I had a feeling that I'd love the duraline a lot! ..... and I do:) x

  10. Thanks a million Joanna Louise, that's so sweet:) x

  11. I hear ya Silvia, no Inglot in my city yet, hence the need to travel a bit, but at least it's getting closer! ha! x

  12. I can only recommend the one I got Zozolina, #84, as I think it's lovely and can't remember the numbers of the other ones!

  13. Hey Kasia, you guys are lucky to have those prices in Poland! Good reason to visit! x

  14. Ahh... your haul is incredible!
    I love mattes and I love neutrals.
    I wish that there was an Inglot store near me. I've heard that the shades on the website are not reliable.


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