Monday, February 20, 2012

Vichy Foundations; An Overview

I love my foundations, and I love skincare, so it's no surprise that I LOVE the marrying of the two, which is exactly what Vichys foundations are!!!

I have been using their bases for a couple of years now and have a lot of faith in their products.
Here I give a run through of their foundations and show a demonstration of applying the DermaBlend Stick Foundation.

Hope it helps!!

Not swatched; Vichy Mineral Foundation #10 Opal



  1. I found Aera teint very drying, smelly (alchocol)and made skin look old. What skyn type are you?

  2. hey Shiv,
    i have aera teint in opal, i am very pale, i think this foundation oxidizes,cuz after few minutes i am a little bit orange :|,do you have this problem? Dermablend oxidizes?


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