Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick 5 Minute Makeup for School/Work

Achieve a fresh, pretty and most importantl, quick makeup face in just 5 minutes for when you're rushing out the door early morning for school or work.

(Allow approx 30-40 seconds per step!)
1. Wash & style your hair the evening before to save time in the morning. Also, if the outfit you wear matters to you, have the accessories & clothes picked out also the night before.
2. Wash your face first thing after waking up, and apply a light moisturiser or sun-screen if necessary.
Now, have your breakfast!! This will give your skin time to absorb the moisturiser.
3. Apply a tinted moisturiser using your clean fingers, or a long-lasting medium coverage foundation like Mac's 'prolongwear' foundation or Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' Foundation, if you feel like you need more coverage.
4. Apply a pink based liquid concealer to the eye area to brighten it, or a salmon colour if you have a darker skintone or need to counteract a lot of blue.
5. Apply a yellow toned cream concealer to any blemishes or red areas.
6. Powder lightly over any concealed areas to set the cream product and to combat any oil.
Also, lightly powder the lids as a base for your eyeshadow.
7. Apply a natural dusky pink/peach blusher to the cheeks. Stick to mattes if you have blemished skin or uneven skin texture, and powder will last longer than cream formulas.
8. Define the brows using a medium or dark brown shadow (depending on your hair colour) using an angled brush. I use a paint brush I got from the art store.
9. Highlight the inner corners or your eye area, your brow bones and the centre of your lids using a nude pearl eyeshadow.
10. Use the brown shadow with a blending brush in wind-shield wiper motions back & forth in your crease to define your eyes.
11. Using the angled brush and same brown, line your upper lash-line concentrating on the outer halves, and add a little flick if you like ^_^
12. Apply a waterproof mascara to the top lashes. This will trap the curl, and prevent smudges.
13. Finish off the look with a tinted lipbalm and now your ready to rush out the door!!



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