Monday, April 16, 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Collection.....

MAC come out with many, many collection as ye all know, some a little blah, some so-so and some down-right lovely. This collection falls into the latter group of yummy ^_^

The Collection comprises of 3 Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters (€28) and 10 Extra Dimension eyeshadows (€20.50), launched last week here in Ireland & is a limited edition collection.

First of all, the formulas can be used wet (without affecting the quality) or dry which is always a bonus.
There's almost a glass-shine effect off of the powders and a beautiful raised embossed design comprising of elegant wave-like swirls and M.A.C repeated throughout the lover level.

 "Whisper of Gilt" Skinfinish 9g.

"Modern Pewter" EyeShadow 2g.

Above are the shadow & highlight powder swatched dry.

The "Whisper of Gilt" Skinfinish is my personal favourite, it's the perfect gold shade, not too orange based and not to beige. I've been wearing it as a cheek highlight as well as an eyeshadow. It really is very versatile! 
The Shadow is a lovely khaki golden green shade that would be particularly gorgeous with brown or hazel eyes.

There are some other really beautiful shades in the shadows, 2 gorgeous purples, a lovely shiny black, a beautiful royal blue and other shades which are definitely worth a look.

Available on counter at the moment so definitely go have a look if ye get the chance and have a play with swatches or ask an artist to try it on you to really get a proper feel for the products.

What do you guys think of this collection??


  1. I love the gold tone, it´s very nice! thnaks for sharing

  2. Really wanna try one of these, but I've a lot of things on my wishlist at the moment so I'll need to make some tough decisions! :(

  3. These look gorgeous but I'm always so disheartened shopping at mac. I wish I felt I could go and talk to the artists and actually have an informative conversation. I love going to other stores/counters and discussing products with the artists but at mac, at least at the ones in London, they all seem incredibly rude and condescending. It's such a turn off...

    1. I would suggest going to a quite store, like maybe the one on Kensington Church Street, the artists there should have more time to spend talking to you!


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