Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My MAC EyeShadow Collection (Palettes)

My Palettes.
Shadows listed from left to right & top row down.
White Frost, Shroom, Kid, Folie, Cork
Vapour, Nylon, Satin Taupe, (non-mac), Handwritten
RicePaper, Tempting, Brun (non-mac), Brown Down.

Humid, Mylar, Sable, Woodwinked, Gorgeous Gold
Club, Brulé, All that Glitters, Amber Lights, Bright Sunshine (Pro)
Vex, Wedge, Orange, Fab n' Flashy (Pro), Chrome Yellow

Filament, Electra, Scene, Copperplate, Rule
Crystal, Silver Thorn (L.E), Print, ....., Coppering
Idol Eyes, Black Tied, Typographic, ....., Antiqued

Shadowy Lady, Beauty Marked, Satellite Dreams, Cranberry, Seedy Pearl
Trax, Star Violet, Nocturnelle,  Gleam, Jest
Plum Dressing, Stars n' Rockets, Creme de Violet, Swish, Carbon

Amber Lights, Copperplate, Shale, Quarry, Clarity, Gesso
Brun, Arena, Sketch, Fig 1, Freshwater, Contrast

Watch the video for an detailed overview of all the shadows plus swatches.


  1. Great blog- I love seeing what colours people have in their palettes (so nosey) great video too! :)

    Emily x

  2. Hi Shiv, thanks for doing all these useful videos! I really love them and find them helpful!!!! Do u think you'll be able to do a video of your inglot collection as well?


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