Monday, April 16, 2012

Osis Dust It Mattifying Hair Powder by SCHWARZKOPF

Product of the Week; (Hair)

My go to hair saviour!!

I came across this little beauty last year after searching for a similar product for at least a year prior!
I had worked with a gorgeous goth/punk girl called Ruth in London who always sported a gravity defying mop of back combed hair (black of course & nearly always with a skull clip for adornment)
I had seen her hair in it's unstyled state and it is naturally about the same thickness and volume as my own, which is not very much at all!!!
So when she shared her secret weapon with me I was determined to follow suit!

Now that I have my hands on it, I don't quite tease my locks to the same heights as my former colleague did but I do use it to add much needed volume and texture to my very fine/flat hair.
It retails for about €12 or €13 and is available from beauty supply shops like Sallys etc. I got my latest little bottle from the Hair & Beauty Co. in Eyre Square Centre, Galway.

The bottle does seem very small at first (which it is) but when you realise how little of the powder is needed to create your style, it's forgotten about very quickly.

The product itself is a strange one. It's a silica powder, so it absorbs the oils that are on the hair, much like silica based face powders do for the skin. Great for people who suffer from day 2 uber root grease.
Even though it is a powder, it kinda feels a little wet almost. 
 A little goes a longggggg way, so what I like to do is shake a little into my palm, rub between my hands and message into my hair, focusing on my roots. 
It can be tipped directly onto the hair but be careful as if too much of this powder comes out, it can feel very sticky and laden on the hair. Gloop city!
There's no back-combing needed as you can manipulate the hair by 'jujjng' it towards the scalp and it offers a decent amount of hold also saving you hairspray!
It's a matte effect powder so may not appeal to those of you who are addicted to your silky, shiny, smooth mane, but I love it for giving me a bed-head type style that I can guarantee ye all, I do not wake up with naturally!!

It really is a little gem!

If anyone has it, I'd love to hear some more tips as hair has never really been my forté and I am always trying to learn!

Thanks Guys ^_^



  1. sounds like magic stuff for my extremely fine hair!! I'm pretty sure I would never be able to find something similar here in Italy, but I will certainly check on ebay. Thanks for sharing this amazing find!

  2. Whenever I have a special occasion or anything I tap this on my roots and backcomb it and the hair will literally stay the way I want it to until i brush it out, it's amazing stuff! It is a pain in the arse to brush out though but I use the tangle teezer and it brushes it out without breaking any hair and leaves the hair smooth! I also love how you can use it one day, and wake up the next day and literally push the hair up with your hands and it goes back into shape!

    1. Yes! It's amazing stuff especially for my flat as pancake hair!


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