Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shiv's Tricks; Growing out your Eyebrows.

Beautiful Thick Full brows... Oh how I miss thee!!

(source; google images)

My sad over plucked eyebrows last week....

My own natural thick brow shape last year.....

.....And what I want, the happy medium ^_^

How I'm going about thickening them out again!!

Good luck everyone!!



  1. Looking forward to go home from work and see the video, I want my thick eyebrows back too, so I really wanna know your trick.

    1. But Siobhan is SUCH a beautiful name, for SUCH a beautiful lady

  2. thanks for tips im tryin' to grwo out my brows so it was useful :)

  3. Super helpful! Thanks for the tips, I have fairly thick eyebrows but they are uneven so when I pluck them, I always end up plucking too much in order to even them out (bad idea). I can't wait for them to grow out fully!

    1. Hey :) Well a year on and mine are hella thick and huge again, ha ha. LOVE having my thicker brows back and will never pluck them thin again! Best of luck growing them out!!!

  4. I'd die for the thick eyebrows I used to have when I was younger. They just got thinner and thinner themselves, I never plucked them, they've just dissapeared somehow, literally fell out... :( :( :( I wish I could have my natural thick eybrows back!

  5. Only the first picture has full eyebows.. All the rest does not, they also look so fake.

    Just do not pluck your brows, they look the best that way.


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