Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photorejuvenation; Results after 2 sessions.

(pic above Feb/March 2012, 
pic below May 2012)

Hey Everyone!!
So as promised here are my 6 week results after my initial first two I.P.L Photorejuvenation sessions!

See my original blog post here for more of the before, during & immediately after photos for reference plus information on the treatment itself.....

As ye can see from the picture above, the results are noticeable particularly around the nose area which was my main issue. I hated the one really dark freckle on the centre of my nose which was the odd time mistaken for a speck of dirt!
My overall skintone has more or less remained the same, but it seems much more even now after the two treatments.

I will return in 5 - 6 months time again to see how the summer has affected my pigmentation but as I'm being meticulous about applying SPF 30 - 50 everyday, hopefully this won't be too bad.

(above; before any treatment, below; today)



1st Treatment 

6 weeks after 2 sessions

I would love to know if any of ye have had similar results with this type of treatment, or even if you have been disappointed.

Chat soon,


  1. Ahh Siobhán you really got me hooked on this IPL procedure, I got no freckles and, although I am Mediterranean, I have fair NC20 skin (that tans golden as soon as I spend as little as an hour under the Greek sun though)that is stained by pigmentation from past acne blemishes, which result in an uneven skintone.

    I think I should investigate into this, especially after having seen your results!

    1. Well if the pigmentation is something that you are concerned about if may be worth going for a consultation with a laser technician! Good luck! x

  2. Wow, that's an amazing result! I always loved your skin with all the freckles but now it really looks perfect (:

  3. Wow what a deadly result. You had lovely skin to begin with but its even more beautiful now than before. I am so glad your back I missed you so much and your videos. Hope your settling into your new home well :) xx


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