Monday, June 11, 2012

The Body Shop Goodies ^_^

I remember the Body Shop wayyyyyy back when I was in Secondary School (High School) and it was pretty much what all of us students used to satisfy out amateur makeup needs of the day.
Before we had 'Boots' High Street Makeup Brands to choose from and definitely before we could afford to shop in Department Stores it was the go-to shop, only a couple of minutes walk from the school.

Fast forward 10 years or so, and while I see a product I get really excited over every now and again (The Joy of Sparkles Christmas Glitter Spray, swoon!!) It's a brand I've sadly kinda overlooked a little for no other reason other than it's situated where I rarely pass.
But I was recently sent a few lovely pieces that have rekindled my nostalgia for the brand. 

From the Lily Cole (British Supermodel) Collection I got....
Hi Shine Lip Treatments 
Shimmer Cubes Palette 24

 Hi Shine Lip Treatments 
Left; 02 Go Wild
Right; 04 Go Pink

The Lip Treatments are of course lip glosses, they are super glossy and have a lovely sweet fruity scent, kinda reminds me of watermelon. They are from The Lily Cole Collection which is limited. It's a  cruelty free line which will please all you vegans etc out there!
The glosses are sheer tints with subtle sparkle in them and feel really comfortable on the lips, and most importantly when it comes to gloss I think, not too sticky!
They retail for £4.00 or $5.00 online.....

 Shimmer Cubes Palette 24

From L - R; 
01 Think Pink, 03 Go Violet, 02 Live Lilac, 04 Tint it Pink

The iridescent Shadows in the Shimmer Cubes are also part of the same limited collection. At first I thought they were going to be like loose pigments but they are tightly packed so are more like soft pressed shadows. Either way they are nicely pigmented and come in very wearable shades, though they will particularly compliment green or hazel eye colours best I think!
The shadows are well packed within the cubes, within an acrylic box which would make them dead handy for travelling!
These guys retail for £16.00 or $22.00 as a foursome.

 The Beautifying Oils are for face, body and hair and come in about 10 or so different scents. I was sent the 'Sweet Lemon' one, which admittedly wouldn't be one of my favourite smells in the world but my mom has already laid claim to the bottle! She loves it.
I added a little to my hair, particularly on my bleached streak and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't make my barnet look a greasy mess like Argan Oil and other similar products do. It's a rare find for fine hair! I stopped short of trying it on my face due to the smell, which again I'm just not that bonkers over in general, but my mother slapped a load of it on herself of course, ha ha, and she loved the feel and smell of it. So we have Bridie's 'Thumbs up' on that one ^_^
It comes in a 100ml plastic bottle with a flip-top cap.
The oils retail for £9.00 or $14.00. 

 Finally, the body mists are another new addition to the range. They are scented sprays, 8 in total.
I have the 'Shea Body Mist' which has a musky, nutty scent to it. I kind of take it as a masculine scent and when I gave it to my pops to test drive, he really liked it. Then it was his turn to lay claim! Sure I suppose they should get something out of being my parents, lol;P
It comes in a simple glass bottle with a spray top and has 100ml product. 
Retails for £7.00 or $12.00.

And that's it!

Til next time,


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