Sunday, July 15, 2012

Max Factor 'Ageless Elixir' 2 in 1 Foundation & Serum.

To start off what will be an ongoing and sporadic foundation "show & tell" series,
I bring you this beauty in the shape of 
Max Factor "Ageless Elixir" 2 in 1 Foundation & Serum SPF 15.

This was sent to me by Max Factor recently, along with some other yummy goodies, but I have fallen hard for this particular product!
I initially though it wouldn't suit my combination skin, because of the serum and thinking that it would be too rich for me..... but I have been very pleasantly surprised :)

Watch the video for my opinion, the basic info on the foundation, what I apply it with and a demo on application!

(My "Elixired" face, wearing Shade 'Light Ivory 40')

So the basic rundown on this guy is that it is targeted towards women in their late 20's/30's onwards as it is part of the brands new-ish focus on "pioneering a modern day anti-aging makeup collection".
It can be worn by any age though and as it contains a moisturising serum, would be beneficial for any age skin that can lean towards the drier side.

*It's a medium to full coverage, this is obtained through building it up through layers.
*It contains "Specially treated pigments that reflect light to give a radiant finish"; this is what I love about the formula, it really gives a lovely 'glow' to the skin, but it's not shiny or greasy looking!
*It contains soft focus technology to diffuse light and in turn blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles "optically"; and a plus here is that it doesn't sit or settle into creases that readily either.
*It contains beneficial ingredients such as Glycerine, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Green tea. (Anti-oxidants)
*It contains SPF15 which on it's own is not that high in my opinion but will definitely help to strengthen any SPF you apply in your moisturiser or primer underneath.
*The foundation range comprises of 6 shades which will obviously leave some skin-tones out but as this is a drug-store or pharmacy foundation, it is to be expected. 

The foundation retails for €19.99 here in Ireland & is available from Boots Pharmacy and any other chemists/pharmacy that carry Max Factor products.

Definitely give this product a strong 8/10!!

That's it for now:)

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  1. I haven´t try it but it looks like a great product, a perfect combination, thanks for sharing!

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing your foundation reviews! I struggle so much to find foundations with yellow/golden undertones, especially long-wearing ones or those that give good coverage. Estee Lauder Double wear for instance, is wonderful if lightly applied, but all their shades seem peachy/tawny or pink - no golden shades.

    1. It is annoying the lack of yellow toned foundations out there, hopefully this series will help you! xx


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