Monday, July 23, 2012

Olay Serums.

Time for another Skin-Care type post me thinks, and at the moment I am happily slapping a couple of serums by Olay onto my face, both of which I am loving!

The first one I got, which I bought in Dunnes Stores for about €12 is the 'Anti-Wrinkle Instant Hydration Day Serum'

I had just finished my 3rd or so sample of the newish MAC 'Moisture Infusion Serum' which I also love, but didn't really have the spare mulah to buy at its price in Ireland. So I was wandering about the beauty isle of Dunnes oogling all the lovely potions & lotions as I always do and the box of this serum caught my eye for a few reasons.
1. The packaging is lovely AND has a pump, BIG tick there!
2. As I turned 30 this year, it basically has my name on the top right hand corner.
3. It had the word 'hydration' on the box (which for some inexplicable reason appeals to me way more than 'moisture')..... and.....
4. It costs less than half the price of the MAC one that I was previously sampling.

So of course I bought it and have been smothering myself in it ever since!!

What the box says.....
"The Instant Hydration Day Serum, with ocean botanical extract, infuses your skin with hydration throughout the day and helps lock moisture in. For fresh, silky smooth beautiful-looking skin!"

And the benefits being that it;
1. tackles fine lines & wrinkles,
2. provides all day moisture &..
3. provides instant hydration.

It's basically a water-in-silicone formula which helps trap any moisture in, and the silicones (particularly Dimethicone) also will help towards oil control by also trapping the sebum in and dispersing a little more evenly over the skin. 
It also contains Glycerine which is a humectant (attracts moisture), great for hydration, Panthenol which  is a moisturiser that converts to a B Complex Vitamin when absorbed into the skin, and an ingredient called 'Niacinamide' which is.....
"Also called vitamin B3, niacin, and nicotinic acid, this water-soluble ingredient has been shown to prevent skin from losing water content, as well as to stimulate circulation in the skin. Recent studies have shown that it also improves the appearance of wrinkles, skin discolourations and reduces redness and improves skin elasticity."

Sounds pretty good to me in skin-care terms!

Very little is needed to cover the face and neck, I use one pump to cover my entire visage and an additional pump for my neck. It has a lovely silky feel to it and it doesn't sit on my skin or feel sticky once applied. As it is silicone based, it also works as a perfect makeup base too!
As far as skin-types go, I would say it is fine on it's own for combination to oily types but drier skins may need an additional moisturiser on top.
It does contain a fragrance which will be off-putting to some people, but honestly, it's not an unpleasant smell by any means!
Will definitely keep using this little lotion and have been recommending it to clients!

 The second serum by Olay that I was sent (and I happily received) by the companies PR is this one from their "Regenerist" range (their anti-aging line) called the "Daily Regenerating Serum" ..... "for dramatically firmer younger looking skin"
This formula is extremely similar to the 'anti-wrinkle Instant hydration' one and contains all the beneficial ingredients that I listed above. The main differences being that this is fragrance free (though it also comes with fragrance) and colour free, better for more sensitive skin types.

What the website says....
"Regenerist Fragrance-Free Regenerating Serum uses a highly concentrated form of our amino-peptide + B3 complex combined with Olay moisture. Suitable for everyday use, it visibly helps regenerate skin’s appearance and leaves skin feeling velvety-smooth. Perfect for normal skin, dry skin and combination skin." 

(Left; Anti-Wrinkle Instant Hydration Day Serum. Right; Regenerist Serum.)

Both serums are lovely and definitely feel beneficial to my skin since I've been using them. 

What serums are you guys using at the moment??
Do ye thing they are a necessary skin-care step or just an unnecessary extra layer??

That's it for now,

Chat soon,


  1. You CANNOT be 30. You look so young!!! I mean that in a good way!!

  2. I used the Regenerist lotion (same as the serum, but with added sunscreen SPF 50) for at least a year, and I noticed a definite improvement in my skin (more soft, glowing, & "bouncy"). I loved it, but I stopped using it because it contains parabens and that made me a bit nervous. But no doubt about it, it works. (I'm in my 40s).


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