Friday, August 17, 2012

Clean/Sanitise your Makeup Brushes.

Hey Guys!
I get asked absolutely LOADS about how to clean makeup brushes properly or what products I use, and how often etc.
 Hopefully this video will go a little way in explaining all that!

I'll admit that I'm a bit anal when it comes to makeup and makeup brush hygiene. Especially when working on clients but I'm nearly just as bad with my own personal self-use products. 
I clean my brushes after EVERY use regardless of whether I'm just dolling myself up or working on multiple faces. It's just not worth risking causing harm or spreading infections or worse.... zits! ha ha!
What I use 99% of the time is MAC Brush Cleanser which costs €13.00 for 235ml.
I find that this is the best of all the different formulas that I've used over the years and I constantly repurchase. It's alcohol based to sanitise but also contains a conditioning agent that doesn't leave a residue.
And for more hardcore sanitisation I rely on 90% alcohol to kill any nasty germs.
At the moment I'm using a Boots Surgical Spirits which if I remember correctly cost about €5.00 for a 500ml bottle.

For dispensing purposes and to reduce waste, I de-cant the liquids into spray bottles. This prevents spillage, allows you to spray the brush hairs/bristles directly and makes life much easier for travel.

I definitely recommend everyone to get into good sanitisation habits for the sake of your skin and brushes!!
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