Monday, August 27, 2012

Elemis Goodies; Part 1... Sp@home 'Body Exotics' Range

Oh how I love my skin care!
It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures in life... Guilty because I usually spend way too much of my hard earned cash on it!
So you can imagine my elation when the good people at Elemis sent me a few bits to try out... There may have been a few 'Oohs & Aahs' out of me when I opened my package ^_^
Anyhow..... A few of the bits I got are from their 'Sp@home' Body Exotics line which is what it sounds like, products designed to be used in the home but of Spa or salon grade. 
 I received the 'Tranquil touch' Body Polish, 'Frangipani monoi' Body Oil & the 'Tranquil touch' Body Cream.

I'll start off with the packaging.....
Shiny red tubes/bottles with mag-pie seducing silver lids. So far, so pretty :)
The Body Oil in particular has me placing it at the front of my product pile in my bedroom, it's like something a Genie could be waiting to shimmy out of.

'Tranquil touch' Body Polish. RRP £20.00 (Which I would estimate at €30-ish in Ireland)
*This comes as seen above in a 150ml tube and is a 'skin softening body scrub'
I used this guy in the shower today & yesterday, and it was comfortable to use though it did need a good thorough rinse after to remove all the granules.
It contains an exfoliating Rice Scrub from ground rice which is gentler than other more abrasive alternatives used in other scrubs. Great for sensitive skin!
It conditions the skin with the help of Capuacu Butter which also "boosts the recovery of skins natural moisture and elasticity" and (here comes the Spa part.....) contains mood enhancing essential oils of Patchouli, Mandarin & Ginger.
The over all claim is that it leaves the skin soft, glowing & radiant.
I've only used it a couple of times yet, but from what I've noticed so far, it's a lovely rich feeling, gentle scrub.

'Tranquil touch' Body Cream. RRP £16.00 (I'll guess this at between €22-€26-ish)
*Also comes in a 150ml tube so should last ya a long enough time. This is a "Rich textured" cream body moisturiser.
I've used this on my legs after shaving, and it gave me zero irritation. Tick 1 .....^_^..... This is usually a tell-tale for me as to the skin-friendliness of a cream.
I also used it on my torso after showering. It has a thick enough consistancy but didn't sit for long on the surface of my skin. It has a subtle but pleasant scent and pretty much did what it says on the tin, softened my skin!
It contains Sweet Almond Oil which softens the skin and "helps balance skins natural moisture levels".
Rice Bran Oil & PassionFlower Oil are blended into the mix, providing anti-oxidant protection for the skin and it's collagen & elastin, and Vitamin C, Calcium & Phosphorus which help nourish drier skin conditions.
Basically it's a lovely rich (again) emollient body cream that doesn't feel too heavy or clogging on the skin. Probably most suitable for normal to dry skin.

'Frangipani monoi' Body Oil. RRP £29.70 (Rough guesstimate €40-€45-ish)
*The priciest of the 3 products but also the most luxurious sounding and the most aesthetically appealing thanks to it's sleek cylindrical bottle with ornamental style lid.
This comes in a 100ml size and is a "hair, nail & body oil".
It is described as being a "Truly exotic oil" that provides "superior moisturisation for dry, parched or mature skin". But as stated above is also suitable for the nails & hair. It recommends using it as a weekly treatment for hair, to be washed out after 15 minutes, making it different from Argan Oil or other similar oils that are thinner/lighter in consistency and can be left in.
As it is now in my bottle, it is in solid form. The bottle needs to be placed into warm water to "return it to a silky liquid" form.
It consists of 'tahitian Monoi' which is quickly absorbed into the skin "for long lasting hydration".
Coprah (Coconut Oil) is highly "moisturising, nourishing and hydrating due to it's high content of essential fatty acids". Pretty much exactly what you want in a moisturiser!
All three products are free from parabens, Mineral oils, artificial colours, silicones and other things that are supposedly bad for our skin/bodies... 

Check out the website here.....

Available from and selected John Lewis, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols Stores throughout the U.K.

From the website.....
"Elemis is available across the globe through award-winning spas, 
salons, department stores and travel spas, plus online through 
our official shopping partners."

........... for your nearest location call +44 (0) 117 316 1888

For the USA and Caribbean call 1-800-423-5293 

Check ye later!
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