Saturday, August 25, 2012

Product Focus; Vichy '3 in 1 Purete Thermale' Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution

Bit of a mouthful but boy what a fab product!! 
I've been using this cleansing solution for a few months now and am totally hooked. All other cleansers pale in comparison. 
Not sure which of the above is the most current packaging
but each has the exact same wording.

It costs me €14.50 in pharmacies here in Ireland which I consider a really fair price (especially when compared to the MAC Mineralize Cleansing Solution which is an almost identical product, same volume, but costs a whopping €26.50! And I still prefer the Vichy one)....
And I am currently on my third bottle of the wonder stuff. I get about a month out of the one bottle of almost daily use but do use other cleansers the odd day here & there.
It has the subtlest of fresh scents, only the most hardcore of noses would notice any smell off of it.
It looks like water but removes everything off of the face except for maybe the tougher water-proof and budge proof makeup formulas, while being oil free.
It 'Cleanses the face, removes eye-makeup & soothes the skin' without the need to rinse after. SCORE!
It's also developed for sensitive skin and I honestly do find it soothes the skin, leaving it feeling fresh after cleansing. It doesn't leave a hint of a residue and there's no need for vigorous rubbing. You literally soak your cotton pad and run it over the face surface and let the cleanser do it's job.

The top 3 ingredients are;
 2.Hexelene Glycol (a solvent) &
 3.Glycerine (a humectant, attracts & readily absorbs moisture from other sources)

The fact that is has a relatively small list of ingredients is always a great sign in my books too!
As stated on the packaging, it is "Alcohol-Free, Soap-Free, Colorant-Free" .... also very enticing.

So I think that's about all of my gushing about this lovely stuff for today. If any of ye are on the look-out for a new brill cleansing lotion then I strongly recommend giving this guy a go!!
I would be seriously surprised if ye were to be disappointed by it.

Anyhow, that's me for now! Take care 'til next time,


  1. I have it and love it too, it's replaced my Bioderma!

    1. I never tried the Bioderma one but heard great things!

  2. Oh dear, I'm going to have to search this out as it sounds just like Bioderma but much cheaper! I'm having a bit of a love fest with Vichy recently <3

    1. I bought the La Roche-Posay equivalent last week Simone as they were out of the Vichy one, and I think I may like it even better!! It smells like love hearts or some candy that reminds me of being a pup!!

  3. I have it and It helped me so much,since my skin is so sensitive !


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