Sunday, August 19, 2012

So many Goodies, so little time!

One of the best perks of blogging and running a makeup website is definitely the makeup products we get to try out and play with, to review etc. Some I pay for myself, some I get as gifts and some are sent (& received very happily) for free for consideration!

Below are some of the bits & pieces I have accrued over the past couple of months. I have tried some of them but just haven't had the time to get through them all yet!

Max Factor lovlies ^_^
I have recently started receiving Max Factor Makeup from their PR and have been happily testing out the products. I have already gone on about my love for their Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation & Serum, which has become a fast favourite of mine! Some of the other standouts so far include their lipsticks, the lip stains, the eyeshadow dipping pots, their mascaras (of course) and their double ended products.
I will definitely be showing some of the above bits in upcoming videos!

Another fun part of Youtube is 'Swaps'. Myself and Heather (Sokolum79) sporadically swap makeup with eachother, so I get to try out what is readily available to her in Canada but not here, and visa versa.
Her most recent offering included a Zuca Bag add-on (at the bottom of the box above), and Z-Palette (delighted to get this, includes adhesive magnets), a couple of 'flakies' nail effects, some NYX bits and lashes. 

And most recently, my friend Ruth hosted an 'Avon Party' for a mate of hers who used to sell their products and had tonnes of stock leftover. Naturally I just HAD to help her out by relieving her of some of said stock ^_^
I'm in love with the two beautiful nail varnish colours above in particular. I also picked up a quick-dry spray for nails (very handy!), a lovely pinky nude lipstick, a liquid eyeshadow (which I haven't yet tried but am intrigued by), a mascara and the very misleadingly named 'glimmerstick' which is a matte grey pencil. 

Keep an eye out for these products in the near future here on the blog and in my videos!!

That's all for now,
Take Care.


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