Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scary/Creepy Skull Makeup Tutorial; Halloween '12

It's nearly that time of year again...... EEEEEEEEK!!!

I LOVE the run up to Halloween and seeing all the decorations in the shops, and seeing all the scary makeup tutorials going up on Youtube aswell ^_^
For my first one of 2012, I decided to re-do a skull makeup, but better (hopefully) than my last attempt, a little creepier, more detailed and using actual makeup rather than face painting makeup. 
Here's the video of my first skull makeup attempt from 2010.....

With wig.....

Without wig.....

Products used;

Brown eyebrow/eye pencil (to trace the rough design)
Revlon 'ColorStay' Foundation (Oily/Combination skin) in 'Ivory'
Catrice Concealer Palette (Lightest Colour)
Ben Nye 'Neutral Set' Colourless face setting powder 
(Any white, translucent/colourless powder will do)
Kryolan 'SupraColor' White cream
MAC Pro Acrylic Paint 'Black Black'
Black (Must be Matte, and intense. I used Bourjois Shadow)
White (Matte again, any will do)
Greys (A few different shades; used.... MAC 'Print', 'Scene', 'Typographic', also shadows from 120 palette)
Bourjois Black Kohl Pencil (Any black intense pencil will do)


*Use a pale but not white base to begin with so as you can add highlights and add more dimension for heightened realism.
*Make sure eyeshadows are matte and have good colour pay-off. The brand used does not matter.
*If you are not that used to applying this kind of makeup, you can begin by applying the black parts first, so that you don't muddy up the white areas when applying it.
*Use a smaller eyeshadow brush when applying the darker shadows, this will allow you more control and mean less product to accidentally spread everywhere . Also make sure you tap off excess powder from your brush before pressing onto the skin.
*Black liquid or gel eyeliner can be used in place of the Acrylic paint I used by MAC. DO NOT use real artists acrylic paint as this is not suitable for the skin.
*White or your palest cream concealer can be used instead of the Supra Color Cream Makeup.
*Have a look in your local art supply store for cheap paintbrushes to use when applying, these are usually much more affordable than makeup brushes and work just as well!!
*Google 'Skulls' for reference images and go from there...
*Don't worry about it being perfect, and remember to make it your own!


  1. Love this
    So amazing! You have amazing skill Siobhan! Keep up the good work you only get better and better as the years go by! xxx

  2. Great great make-up very scary! thanks for watching!

  3. INSANE! You did such a fantastic job :D

  4. Yours is the best skull makeup iv seen. Gonna try to do it for our party, thank you!

  5. Siobhan, would the cheap black stuff from costume stores work for these large dark areas? We Dont have a MAC Pro store here in CO and I am trying to find alternatives for a friends who wants this done to his face tomorrow :)

    1. Yeah, they would. Just use a sponge to pat it in place to begin with!! xx

  6. Hey! Just wondering, how many minutes does it take to do this? :] xx

  7. Hey there, I was wondering what the style of your wig is called? I have been looking everywhere for something similar and cannot find it. I'm planning on a variation of this tutorial. I can post pics when complete.

    Thanks for the inspiration btw! x :)


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