Thursday, October 4, 2012

Realistic, Homemade BLOOD for Halloween..... that sets!!

To make your own blood you'll need;

1. Gelatine (this is available in supermarkets in the baking section, granules are preferable)
2. Glycerine (Again from supermarkets or chemists)
3. Water 
4. Red & blue food dye.

Mix the water & glycerine together in roughly equal parts (ye can play about with measures)
Add the gelatine granules while stirring into a smooth paste.
Melt the mixture...
In the microwave it only takes a few seconds so keep checking, don't let it boil.
You can also place it in a bowl and place the bowl over boiling water to melt this way.
Allow to cool for a minute or 2 and apply for runny blood. 
Allow to cool for a while longer until it becomes more like gel for thicker blood effects.
It is safe for use on face and around mouth.
When adding the food dye, apply the red first & then a couple of blue drops to darken.


  1. I did a look using your blood! Check it out

  2. I'd like to feature this tutorial in my blog. Is it okay for you if I link your blog and embed your video?


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