Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Small(ish) Boots Haul.....

Story of my life... Made a 'quick' trip to Boots to pick up TWO things I needed for my kit, and 45minutes later, left the place with what you see above. >_<
Thankfully the 3 for 2 offer is running at the minute or it would have been even more disastrous, ha ha!
This is exactly the reason why my visits to Boots have become so less frequent, I only allow myself to pop in about once a month, at most twice... it's a dangerous place for my poor wallet!
Anyhu.... moving on, here's what I picked up & why :)

Maybelline 24HR Colour Tattoo in '35- On & on Bronze'
I already have the purple & taupe shades of this product and absolutely love them, so naturally I want them all!! I have heard a lot of people going on about how much they love this particular shade and as I'm so easily influenced, I just had to snap it up. Plus the colour is very much a staple colour of mine.

Max Factor 'Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation & Serum SPF 15' in Beige 55
I was sent this foundation by the lovely PR lady for Max Factor Ireland in my colour which is Light Ivory 40 a while back & fell in total & utter love with it!
Since then I have recommended it to friends who have also fallen in love with it and decided to get the entire shade range for my kit! At €20 it is not an overly expensive foundation considering the quality (especially if you pick it up from Boots when they are doing their 3 for 2 promo - that's 3 foundations for a mere €40 people!!) but I didn't want to spend that much money on this trip so just picked up a bottle which is a few shades darker than the lightest one which I have (but am nearly out of already 0_0). And for the time being I can mix the 2 shades to get inbetween colours. There are 6 shades in total in the range, so I will pick up them all, one at a time 'til I have the entire set for my kit:)

No.7 Heated Eyelash Curler
This is something I've been meaning to pick up for my kit for a while now, and it was one of the 2 things I had actually pre-intended on purchasing from Boots in the first place!
I used to own the same device a few years ago before I selflessly ( :P ) gave it to my little sister who hates the traditional metal lash curlers & has quite straight lashes.
I repurchased this for that very reason though.... Many clients fearishly hate those metal ones, or often, have lashes that are just too short (or too long sometimes!) to fit in the clamp. 

Real Techniques 'Setting Brush' 
What?? A brush I don't own yet.... YOINK!
And it really is as simple as that! I have a makeup brush obsession/fetish/love whatever-you-want-to-call-it and whenever I see a brush that I think is unique in shape/style/design, I just have to have it!
I hadn't seen this one by Real Techniques before, whether it's new or not, but I really like the idea of this one either way. I love mid-sized brushes that aren't too big, or too fiddly & small. They are just so multi-functional and I am always on the look out for similar sized brushes!

Boots 'Brightening Eyes' Eye Drops 10ml
This is the second product I'd actually gone in to buy as it had been recommended to me by several people. But the main reason was that I noticed that many makeup artists keep eyedrops in their kits for models & brides etc so this is something I want to look into. Though I need to look for a product that comes in a single use dispenser for hygiene & safety issues obviously. I picked up this bottle however to try it out on myself and see if it's worth the hype. Have only tried it a couple of times but I have noticed the brightening that comes from it.

Soap & Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Chubby Stick in 'Plum Jam'
As I'm not wearing my beloved lippies much since my braces came along, due to the fact the creamy formulas always transfer onto the clear elastics of my upper brace, I have had to use alternative lip product combinations to get some colour on. One such combination being a (dry) lip pencil all over the lips & a dab of gloss in the centre of my lips. I have been interested in trying the various chubby lip products out there for a while and this one by my much loved 'Soap & Glory' caught my eye as I was passing the stand, and I just picked it up on an impulse. And I'm glad I did!
Really nicely pigmented, glossy lip jam.... 
So far so lovely:)

17 (for Boots) 'Tattoo Me' Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner
Another product recommended to me by a buddy (Thanks Ruth :) ) 
I liked the idea of this being totally smudge-proof and long lasting (up to a ridiculous 36 or 48hrs or something crazy like that!? Who needs to wear eyeliner for that long??)
I have tried it out once since buying it & it does seem to go the distance! It's extremely black & opaque on. The only thing I'm not over bonkers about is how shiny it is on the skin, but this seems to be a given with these long-lasting liners (Like the MAC 'SuperSlick' Eyeliner which is a very similar product) I would worry about how quick this will dry out, but time will tell I suppose!

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Concealer in Fair 15
This was definitely another impulse buy or a case of something-I-don't-already-have-therefore-must-own! This was my first time coming across this newish 'Fit me' range by Maybelline. I hadn't read anything online about it which is surprising as it seems to be everywhere now that I'm aware of it!
They have made it easy to pick your matching foundation/concealer/powder by lumping them into a fair category which is broken into warm or cool, and a medium & dark category.
I love the sleek fashion forward packaging and so far am impressed by the concealer formula! I definitely intend on trying out the foundation and maybe the powder hopefully in the not-too-distant future. I got the pink shade concealer to use around my eye area.

And that's it for my haul!
Gotta try be good now for a while.

Til then,
Take Care,



  1. I got the setting brush yesterday!!

    got mine for €8.50 on cloud10beauty.com

  2. Too funny, I'm the same when it comes to Boots and also currently trying to limit my visits! I thought of you today actually when I was in there mooning over everything on the Vichy stand, ha!

    1. Ha ha, we are seriously bad for each others wallets!

  3. Do you love the Ageless Elixir more than your beloved(and mine)Vichy Aera Teint or your Bourjois HM? Vichy Aera Teint is pure luxury . I must check this one out

    1. I think I do for the Winter as it's more creamy & has better coverage, and I maybe prefer the Vichy one for warmer Summer months! x


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