Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soap & Glory "Smooch Operator" Lip Butter Balm

I was sent this 9g lip butter balm by Soap & Glory over a month ago now at least & it honestly couldn't have come at a better time!!

Thanks to the grim, cold, depressing Brrrrr-fest that is the weather in Ireland in Autumn, coupled with the muggy, cough-inducing, dry heat coming from my heaters inside, my poor oul lips have really been looking sad and tattered lately. My lips have been having an awful hard time of it also since I got braces, exaggerating my overbite & in turn forcing me to breathe through my lips more often causing parched, cracked skin.  I really noticed it in some of my youtube videos also which really isn't a good look 0_o
So to help remedy this I have been piling on the lip-balm like my life depends on it!! Especially on days I'm actually venturing outside and into the rest of the human population or going to work.

This guy called "Smooch Operator" (again with the super cute/clever names!) has been a life saver over the past few weeks.
It's a super moisturising lip balm that contains Wild Mango, Vitamin E & Argan Oil and smells utterly delicious!
It's touted as a "dry lip rescue formula" and that it is. I slather it on at night before heading to my leaba and use as needed throughout the day. It has a lovely soft but oily texture to it that really feels like it's protecting the skin, which is good considering it also claims to be a "barrier-repairing lip balm" ^_^

This is available online from the Soap & Glory website and from Boots also.



  1. pretty girl,it is Lucy from,would you like to help us do YouTube video reveiw?

    1. Hi :) Thank you but I am too busy at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future! x

  2. The packaging reminds me so much of the Korres lip butters, and possibly very similar products too :)

    1. Haven't seen those ones, will have to look them up! x


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