Friday, October 26, 2012

Vichy 'Idealia' Smoothing & Illuminating Cream Moisturiser

Vichy have recently added this gem to their already stellar range of skincare products, and oh how I have been enjoying it!

 As we all know, I am a skincare fiend and this is very satisfactorily feeding my addiction. Ye might be thinking that it's just a moisturiser, but when you have annoying all-over-the-place combination skin like myself, finding a formula that truly benefits your skin without drying out the dry parts, or slicking out the oily areas is a catch & a half. Especially with the added bonuses of skin smoothing & refining!
I've been using this as my night cream for the past 2 to 3 or so weeks now and have been waking up with radiant, plump, healthy looking skin pretty much every morning since. I sometimes find it a little tricky to get a night cream that hydrates my skin enough throughout the night, (particularly during the winter) without making it greasy looking.... this definitely hasn't given me that problem.
This moisturiser goes a step further than it's contemporaries thanks to 5 years of research by the French Skin Experts, with improvement to skin texture, skin tone & (most importantly) wrinkles!!!
It has a subtle scent & contains delicate pink particles to immediately brighten the skin and has a light, smooth hydrating texture.

Here's the science bit.....
It contains 
*AHA's which are exfoliants to smooth out the skins surface texture 
*Vitamin B for radiance
*Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant 
*LHA to promote cell renewal
*Adenosine which is a wrinkle fighting ingredient ( ^_^ )

It available in 2 formulas, one for Dry Skin and one for Normal/Combination Skin.
 It comes in a 50ml jar and retails for €26.00 RRP.

Available now!



  1. I've tried this and it was realy nice for my dry skin. After one jar I switched to something else though, too many new things to try out :)) Have you seen the Idealia Pro cream that came out? It's supposed to even out skin tone and eliminate pigmentation marks. I'll be trying it out for sure :)

  2. I guess it's not available in México=(

    1. You should be able to order it online though!

  3. Hi! You say you use this cream as a night cream but do you think it could be a good day cream as well? I'm not a big fan of using foundation everyday so most days I just go bare skin, no creams at all. But getting older (26 now) I think it might be a good idea to start using creams to prevent my skin from getting disastrous. I also have combination oily skin so your advices are always very good :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Elise, this would be grand as a day cream also except that it contains no sun protection so you would have to use a separate sunblock underneath for the day light hours. Products like these tend not to work as well when applied over a layer of another product. Though you could try placing a physical sunblock over the top, like a powder foundation with a good SPF in it.


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