Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beauty Basics; Morning Cleansing

Starting off your morning with clean, refreshed skin is an absolutely essential part of anyones beauty routine, and will prepare your skin for any lotions and makeup that you're going to be applying to your face later on.
First of all you need to know your skin-type in order to determine your own personal skin needs, so here is a video I made a while ago to help people know theirs. (I'm blonde in it!!)


Once you know your skin type and how it is first thing in the morning, you can go ahead and cleanse, tone or just refresh your face to prepare it for moisturising etc.
Watch the video below for my tips & tricks to cleaning and refreshing your morning skin.

This is the first video of a mini-series on beauty basics that will be uploaded regularly and in quick succession over the next couple of weeks.



  1. when I got some pimples I wash my face 2 times in the day but they left red spots in my face they are so annoying because my skin is pale and obviously they stick out really much, how can I erase them? :(


    1. Use Bio-oil on scars to fade them, and concealer in the mean time. x


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