Tuesday, November 6, 2012

La Roche-Posay 'Respectissime Ultra Doux' Natural Defining Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

According to a 2007 Ipsos study, 50% of all women have sensitive eyes.
So, La Roche-Posay have now come along with a mascara, whose formula claims to be 94% natural, to help make life easier on those stressed-out peepers.

The new "'Respectissime Ultra Doux' Natural Defining Mascara for Sensitive Eyes" comes out of 3 yrs of research from the French face experts, offering comfortable application, wear and removal of the formula, making the mascara suitable for people usually intolerable to wearing it. 

The brush (which I consider the most important part of mascaras, even over formula most of the time) is described as having "ultra-supple bristles encased in extra-fine nylon" which "caress" the lashes.
All sounds very enticing, but what does this translate to in simple terms???.....
It's lovely to apply! It actually feels soft and cushiony on the lashes when being applied thanks to the ultra soft precision bristles.

The formula itself is very creamy and packed with conditioning ingredients like;
*Argan Oil; to protect & condition
*Shea Butter; moisturising & nourishing
*Glycerine; for smoothness
*Purified Mineral Pigments; for colour intensity
*Natural Waxes & Gums; to volumise & curl
*Natural Emulsifier System

I have been using it over the past couple of weeks as my day-time mascara and really do agree with all the official jargon on the product. It's extremely comfortable to apply and wear, very soft on the lashes and has a lovely super black formula that offers natural definition to the lashes while also providing volume & curl to the hairs. 

See the mascara in action in the pictures below.....

One coat of the  'Respectissime Ultra Doux' Mascara on the left, no product on the right.
(Lashes were not curled before application)
The Mascara on both eyes, one coat. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who usually shies away from mascara due to discomfort or irritation, as well and anyone who is just looking for a nice, new, conditioning mascara to try out.

It's available from all La Roche-Posay stockists now
RRP €17.25


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