Monday, November 5, 2012

Max Factor 'Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara'

If  Max Factor do one thing right, it's definitely their mascaras....
(Though saying that, I do love a lot of their products)
My holy-grail mascaras include the Masterpiece and False Lash Effect offerings from the brand.
Their newest collection of mascaras are these coloured or 'gem-toned' products that contain light reflecting particles in tonal black formulas to "Add a subtle brightening effect to enhance the natural colour of your eyes" while also volumising the lashes.

They tailor for green, brown and blue toned eyes.
"Black Ruby" for green eyes.
A purple toned shade to compliment green.
"Black Sapphire" for blue eyes.
A royal blue shade to enhance blue tones.
(This is my favourite shade and looks beautiful on all eye colours!)
"Black Pearl" for brown eyes.
A gun-metal/pewter shade to enhance brown toned eyes.

The idea behind the mascaras is firstly to volumise (nothing out-of-the-ordinary there) and to "subtly brighten the eyes" (Note SUBTLY there) by the addition of reflective metallic particles that work by bringing more light to the eye area. The different colours are against a black base, so don't expect brightly coloured mascaras here, and the brush is the same as the Masterpiece one, a sturdy short bristled tapered brush.

So now that the how & why is pretty clear & simple, does it actually work???

Here's the mascara in action.....
"Black Ruby" for green eyes on the left, one coat, and bare lashes on the right
 (lashes were  not curled before application)

A second coating of the "Black Ruby" on the left

I definitely think the volumising claim is very evident in the above photos, though it's hard to pick up the brightening effect on camera.

"Black Ruby" on the left and a regular Black Mascara on the right for comparison.

You can definitely see that the tonal mascara is softer on the lashes when compared to a true black formula on the right above.

"Black Ruby" tonal mascara for green eyes.

My favourite way to wear the tonal mascaras is to first apply a coating of regular black mascara, let it dry and then apply the brightening mascara over top, which you can see on the right above. It gives a more intense effect, and layering mascaras definitely adds to the volume.

So the verdict.....?
 I think these are good mascaras. I love the volume they give. The colours don't exactly blow me away and you really do have to remember that they claim to provide SUBTLE brightening, nothing too mind blowing by any means. 
 I wouldn't rush out to buy these up, but for those who normally go for brown shades because black is too intense, these are a lovely option, particularly for people with fairer complexions and hair.

RRP €8.99
Available from Boots nation wide. (UK & Ireland)

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