Thursday, November 22, 2012

New! Bourjois Eye Products.

Bourjois have just released some goodies for the peepers, and just in time for the Christmas party season too. ^_^ 
From their "Queen Attitude" range is Kohl Kajal, inspired by the traditional oriental kohl. 
(Think Cleopatra and beautiful Arabic eye makeup!)

This is a cone-shaped, highly pigmented crayon-like kohl product for use on the eye area and in the waterline. 
The packaging is an elegant gold and black with ribbon attached to the base.
This applies beautifully for a blackest black opaque covering and the tip is apparently self-shaping, adapting to your own "make-up application", though I can't say much about this quite yet.
This is retailing at €9.99 (Irl) & £6.69 (U.K).

From the same range is the Queen Attitude Mascara, which is a "Multi-benefit volumising mascara designed to make the most of your eyes". 
This is an intense, super black mascara with a really interesting and innovative sloping wand that brushes the lashes out towards the outer corner of the eyes for a 'side-swept' effect, which is what I almost always try to achieve anyhow!
€12.99 (Irl) & £9.49 (U.K)

Also released from the brand and perfect for the holiday season is their new range of false eyelashes called "Faux & Fabulous".
They have started this welcome range with 5 themed lashes;
Rock Chic
Smoky Eyes
Lady in Black 
More Volume 
Miss Couture (with PAPERSELF)

I was sent the More Volume 'Urban Chic' one which, unsurprisingly, is a full volume, feathery lash for a "Naturally Intense Look". It reminds me of the MAC #34 lash in shape, but has a double layer on the outer 1/3 of the lash and is black in colour. 
€10.99 (Irl) & £7.99 (U.K)

I was also sent the stunning 'Miss Couture' set, which is the result of a collaboration with PAPERSELF, who produce the "worlds leading wearable paper art lashes".

They are paper 'lashes' in a lace design that can be worn in various ways, depending on how they are cut and sectioned off for wear.
They are reusable on average four times, depending on how gently they are handled during application and removal of course, and are applied with regular lash glue as you would traditional lashes.
€15.99 (Irl) & £10.99 (U.K)

And finally I was sent their new "2-in-1 Tweezers", which aren't tweezers used for plucking hairs, but rather an accompaniment to the lash range for ease of application and removal. 

The 'tweezer' end with the curved clamp is for applying false lashes. The clamp grips the lash gently but securely and follows the natural curve shape of your lash line for precise and hassle free application. 
The end with the protruding angled tip is for pressing against the lash line once the lashes have been placed, to ensure the band is secured in place.

This will be a dead handy gadget for people who maybe struggle a bit with eyelash application normally and would definitely be brilliant for any professional makeup kit too.
€4.29 (Irl) & £3.49 (U.K) 

All available from Boots and the Boots website 
From Superdrug and the Superdrug website
and from

I will be showing these off in upcoming videos over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those!

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