Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NOTD; Max Factor 'Fantasy Fire' Mini Nail Polish

I've never been much of a nail polish nut (despite the drawer full of bottles in my makeup room!) but every now and again a certain shade will take my fancy. At the moment that shade is #45 'Fantasy Fire' by Max Factor from the Max Effect range of mini polishes. 
It's a beautiful multi dimensional purple based shade with deep blue accents & delicate golden/pink sparkle throughout. Gives off a fantastic galaxy-like effect.
They retail for approx €4.99 from Boots Pharmacies & all other Max Factor stockists.
This shade is my favourite of the 8 or so different colours I own. 

The only issue I have with it is that it's very sheer upon application and requires about 3 layers at least to get a nice opaque coating. It wears really well though and doesn't chip particularly bad. Plus each coating dried extremely quickly so by the time you get back to the first nail again to apply the second coat, it was dry.
Below is the shade photographed under different lighting conditions to show off the colour and sparkle.
I applied 3 layers of the product.

Photographed under warm artificial light.
Photographed under natural bright day light (washed out)
Photographed with camera flash.

Photographed under neutral artificial light.

So I'll probably be wearing this fella until it wears off,  it's so fricken pretty & I can't stop staring at my nails! Gotta love purple, sparkly things!!!!

That's me for today.
Be back soon for more makeup related waffle.



  1. Give it a try over a black base. That's when the magic starts :)

    1. I was thinking that earlier! It'll be my next project :) xx

  2. Black or blue or purple base underneath will make a huuuuge difference :D


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