Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wilkinson Sword 'Intuition' Revitalising Care

I know many of you won't be as excited by a razor as I am, but I'm sure you dark haired ladies out there will understand where I'm coming from on this one....
Ye light haired feckers can go a week or more without looking like Big Foot (I have a sister who's naturally strawberry-blonde and has almost invisible hair on her legs at least!), but for those of us who were born with dark hair, the case is very different (and annoying!)
To stay totally smooth and stubble free, I need to shave at least every two days.... well, when I think anyone's going to see my bare legs anyhow.
This can be very annoying as it means longer showers (wasting water), irritating the skin when you're sensitive (which is my case, particularly my underarms), spending more money going through razors & shaving gel/foam and finally the joy that is cutting yourself, almost always on the ankle and knee!!
When I was initially introduced to this bulky looking contraption by a friend of mine who was raving about it I wasn't convinced, but after purchasing it and using it for the first time I was converted!
I had used similar type razors before (where the soap surrounds the blades) but this one just seems to work better.

It's a 3-in-1 product that shaves, lathers & moisturises.
Meaning no additional shaving foam/gel or after-care moisturiser. Well that's the theory anyhow, but I find I still need to use a moisturiser after use to keep my skin totally smooth, soft & happy.
You just need to wet the razor to "activate the gentle creamy soap", and keep it wet throughout the shaving process, so this is best done in the shower, or in the bath if you're lucky enough to have one!
It's a much larger razor than I have been used to using in the past, but this actually makes it easier to grip and navigate over the skin and contours. It contains 4 blades, which are secured behind 'guard wires' to help prevent cutting yourself, on a pivoting head. It also lets you know when to change the blade with the "physical wear indicator" strip, but I always use up the soap before this wears away. 
I'd say I get at least a week out of a blade and up to 2 weeks, so you will probably find that you only neet to repurchase the blades on a monthly basis.
The product I have contains Pomegranate which is  "known to revitalise and renew skin and is applied to skin via the shea butter conditioning creamy soap surrounding the razor."

If I remember correctly, the razor plus one blade cost me just over €10.00 from Dunnes Stores grocery store, and the replacement blades cost about the same for a three pack.
It retails for about £6.00 in the U.K.

Definitely see myself sticking with this guy for the foreseeable future anyhow!

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  1. Hahahaha fab post Siobhan :) your a little comedian too.

    I am a blogger and soon to be vlogger, I am finding it hard to get viewers/subscribers, will you have a nosey for me :)


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