Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Urban Decay "The Vice Palette" Review & Swatches.

Oh Urban Decay, How I Love Thy Shadows!!!
Problem is that my closest Urban Decay counter is in Limerick (same Inglot problem) and I don't get to get my grubby little paws on their products to play with and buy very often.

I did get the chance to head down a few weeks ago when my Boyfriend had to drive down for a work thing, so off I went and my first stop was Debenhams on O'Connell Street where the Urban Decay counter is the first place you pass through the door. 

It cost me €47 which sounds pricey at first but for 20 eyeshadows and a dual ended brush, it's not bad.
Especially when you consider each shadow is .8gms in weight and cost roughly €2.00 each, compared to a Bourjois single 1gm shadow which will set you back €10 a piece!

Firstly the box itself is very appealing to the makeup lovers eye, particularly the back side which (very handily) shows each colour & name.....

The palette contains all new shades, never before released!!

What impressed me is just how accurate the pictured swatches are to the real thing.

Here are the colours swatched on my own skin, without any primer or base.

Top Row....
Without Flash
L-R; Desparation, Muse, Jagged, Blitz, Penny Lane

With Flash

Second Row.....
Without Flash
Junkie, Chaos, Occupy, UnHinged, Black Market
With Flash
Third Row.....
Without Flash
Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, Armor
With Flash

Bottom Row.....
Without Flash
NeverMind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Free Bird, Laced
With Flash
This row of shadows shows up the most delicate on the skin,
 but would probably be the most used shadows in the palette.

You can see in the picture above, which I took immediately after swatching the top row, just how soft some of the shadows are and the potential fall out from their application.  Jagged in particular (along with Provocateur) is extremely 'bitty' and will mess and fall on the under-eye area unless applied over a tacky base. I used the Urban Decay Primer underneath to counteract this.
This is one of my only negative opinions on the palette though.

The other negative thing was the brush....

Though it's a nice brush, it fell apart upon my second use of it!
The ferrule of the 'smaller' side came apart from the handle without much abuse at all which is a shame. Though it can easily be fixed with a bit of glue, I think for the price of the palette, it shouldn't happen at all!

Final thoughts on the palette?.....

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in purchasing. 
It contains 20 beautiful colours, most of which apply beautifully to the bare skin.
Apart from 3 or 4 shadows, fall-out is minimal and the colour pay-off is up to the usual superb Urban Decay standards.

Available from selected Debenhams in Ireland and U.K.

People who do not live near a stockist can purchase from Amazon.....


  1. Gorgeous palette! I'd agree with you on the brush - at that price that should never happen, especially so soon after purchase.

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed but will fix it myself. It is a nice brush despite the poor workmanship :P


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