Friday, January 25, 2013

Inglot Haul! EyeShadows, Blusher, Sparkle & Pencil.

I was up in the Big Smoke (i.e. Dublin to all non-Culchies out there) yesterday for work and as usual was unable to resist the urge to visit one of the Inglot counters there. And of course do damage to my poor credit card 0_o 
I went prepared with a big nerdy list of all the shadows I already own, in numerical & texture order. This was to avoid repurchasing any shades I already have, which I had done a few times previously.
I had had a look on the website and had jotted down a few shades of the matte shadows that I didn't already have in my collection, and brought this list along with me also.
8 of the 10 shadows I got were from that list and the other two I just liked the look of when I saw the testers.
From L-R; (All Matte)
355, 328, 390, 349, 357.
347, 361, 366, 392, 375.
Swatches of the above eyeshadows....
#'s 355, 328, 390, 349, 357.

#'s 347, 361, 366, 392, 375.
The eyeshadows' payoff is, as usual, really strong and they are lovely & soft to the touch. They can look a tad chalky when swatched & heaped up on the skin but I just don't find this a problem when I use them on the eyes. 

Of course I wasn't able to stop myself at just the eyeshadows so I picked up a new blusher, a body sparkle (super fine glitter) & an eye pencil.
AMC Eye Pencil #82, Body Sparkle #56, Blush #37.

From L-R;
Blush #37, AMC Eye Pencil #82, Body Sparkle #56.

I fell in love with the above blusher shade the second I saw it! I had just been saying to a friend how I missed my MAC 'Well Dressed' blusher, which would probably be a little more sheer than the Inglot one but they are very similar, and Inglot is quite a bit less expensive than MAC here in Ireland. So it was the perfect purchase!
The Body Sparkles from Inglot are very like the MAC Pro Reflects Glitters, maybe a small bit finer. They are beautiful products that look stunning on the skin! I picked up a white shade with a golden/yellow undertone.
The AMC Eye Pencil is the only disappointment of the batch. I originally wanted the turquoise gel liner, but this was out-of-stock when the girl went to add it to my pile. So I decided to go for the turquoise EyePencil instead but when I got home I was saddened to discover that she had mistakenly given me a dark blue/navy shade instead :( Not a colour I would have picked, and being the Plonker I am, I went ahead and swatched it on my hand so I'm stuck with it now! Oh well, can't win 'em all!
Anyhow, as usual, I was met with fantastic customer service and very friendly, non-pushy retail assistants. It's always a pleasure to shop at the Inglot counter in Jervis Street Shopping Centre.
Planning a trip to Limerick in a week or 2 so may pick up a few more bits then!

Anyhow, below are pictures of a makeup look I did earlier using the purple shadows & the body sparkle. Really impressed by the quality as usual!

Will be filming a video of all my Inglot palettes really soon as I re-organised them all today so keep an eye out for that!

In the mean time,

Take Care of yerselves,


  1. LOVE the look! The shadows you purchased look SO pigmented.

  2. Awww awesome <3 Im in love with Inglot eyeshadow but in Germany hard to get them :c anyway when im going to home in Poland always buying a lot of them :D

    1. Oh, I would have though they were available easily in Germany, That's a bummer 0_o

  3. That is a gorgeous look! Your eyes are so striking

  4. I love the inglot store and thank the makeup gods that I have one really close to where I live. I don't think I could every have enough inglot products. I have had my eyes on the body sparkles, they look so pretty but I'm not sure which one to get yet. The blushers seem good but I haven't had a close look at them cause I'm always distracted by the eyeshadows. I love the 20 palettes too.

    I really love that look, you've been bringing out the nicest peachy pink containing looks lately. So feminine but fetching and alluring. The pink and purple in this look is fierce too!

  5. Stunning make up look- any chance u could do a tutorial of it?

  6. Thank you firstly for posting the numbers of the shadows! Most annoying when bloggers/vloggers show the gorgeous shadows, going on and on about them and don't bother to share the numbers! grrr/lol. A lovely pal of mine who lives just outside of Dublin very generously and without a warning, chose and sent me a selection of 5 INLGOT shadows in a palette, all in my beloved purple range! I lovelovelove it (and her for being so kind). I will have to somehow check the numbers on them because I've written down the numbers of the ones I like out of what you've shown and like you, don't want to double up! The eye look you've done is bloody inspiring and I shall have to give that a go! It would be lovely if you would perhaps do a tutorial on it at some point! Thanks again for yet another fun and informational post! My sister/Mum were in Dublin last year to take some of my Dad's ashes "home" to his parents' graves .. I have family over there as well, so they also had a grand visit. Had I had my wits about me ... I would have asked my sister to go to the INLGOT store! ah well ... I plan on coming over in the next 2 years with my stepdaughter ... and you know I shall be going to INLGOT myself ... ox Care

    1. Yeah, that's the only bummer about the shadows is the difficulty in seeing the numbers once in the palettes! Thanks Care. xx


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