Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pretty-up those peepers; Sleek Makeup False Lashes.

Just because the Christmas/NewYears party season is officially over for another year, doesn't mean our efforts to look fabulous on a night out have to wane. There are still plenty of birthdays and weddings and other unseasonal occasions to make ourselves look fabulous for!
 I know some people like to give their skin and faces a bit of a break from the heavy makeup wearing  over December, and a way to do that while still looking fab on a night out is to throw on a pair of false lashes over a natural-as-you-like makeup look!
 Sleek Makeup have recently brought out a new range of affordable (January post-Christmas wallet friendly) high quality false lashes that will suit those looking for anything from understated natural to full on fabulous! 
There are 8 different styles to choose from.
Sleek Makeups new False Lashes.
They retail from £6.49 a pair and are made of human hair, so you don't get that tacky unnatural glossy plastic finish some other drugstore brand lashes tend to have. 

I was sent 2 pairs of the lashes, Rag Doll (a natural pair offering length and added volume) and Savannah (full and thick with soft wispy ends)

The lashes come with a latex glue similar to the duo lash glue and each pair is designed for durability and multiple use. Just carefully remove any excess lash glue from the band after peeling the lashes off before bed and place back into their box until the next use!

Sleek Makeup is available from SuperDrug in the UK and online from www.sleekmakeup.com as always, but they are also now available from NewLook so look out for them there and on the NewLook Website!

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  1. I'm always too lazy to put on false lashes. Years ago when I started trying them out I was so crap at applying them that I am apprehensive about using them at all now. I know I should just go for it and try them out and cool lashes with embellishments and beautiful flirty ones like the Savannah ones make me want to try them. I'm checking out the website now!

    1. ^_^ Good stuff! Good luck with them if you de end up giving them another go!! Xx

    2. ^_^ Good stuff! Good luck with them if you de end up giving them another go!! Xx


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