Monday, February 4, 2013

Max Factor 'GlossFinity' Nail Polishes.

From L-R;
Opal, MarshMallow, Burgundy Crush & Lilac Lace.

Joining the already impressive selection of Nail Polishes by Max Factor are the 26 new shades of their new 'Glossfinity' range which claims long-wear up to 7 days.
Inspired by the catwalk & high fashion trends, they are divided into 4 separate sub-collections.

*The Wear it Bare Collection;
 which is obviously the nude range, includes the fabulous shade "Opal", a gorgeous pearly grey colour, and a really classy shade which would be perfect for bridal wear etc.

* The Punk Pinks Collection;
This is inspired by the 90's revival seen at London Fashion Week, this includes the gorgeous "MarshMallow" which is a bubblegum pink shade and easily one of my favourites of the collection! (going through a bit of a pastel craze at the moment in Chez Siobhán!!)

* The Dark Romance Collection;
This is the rich "luxury gothic" collection, swoon!! Right up my alley, this includes my favourite of the 4 shades I was sent, "Burgundy Crush", an intense burgundy red shade that is much more deep & rich in colour in reality than these pictures allow for!
My favourite of the 4 colours I received. Grown up gothic! 
* The Orient Express Collection; 
Inspired by the colours & shades found in "Eastern prints & Orient silks", this includes the shade "Lilac Lace", a lovely lilac purple shade which again feeds my pastel cravings of late.

Below are the polishes on my nails after 4 days of wearing them. I would never make a full 7 day week due to having to change my colours for work etc, but I was super impressed by the long wear of these polishes. Chipping is absolutely minimal and the formula seems to wear away rather than chip, which all my favourite formulas of varnishes tend to do!
The colours are a tad 'off' here due to unnatural lighting.

The finish is high-gloss with an almost 'Shellac' quality and one coat is sufficient for most of the shades. 

Bottles retail from €7.49 and are available nationwide from Boots Pharmacies and other Max Factor suppliers.

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