Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sigma Makeup EyeShadow Bases... Swoon!

I must admit that after 4 years of doing this blogging thang and 6 years working professionally as a Makeup Artist, though my love of makeup hasn't waned exactly, it does take something special to catch my eye and make me excited!

When the mass e-mail sent out by Sigma Makeup reached my mail box informing us of their new cream eyeshadow bases, I Ooh'ed and Aah'ed, and may have drooled a little. I LOVE a good cream shadow base. I couldn't live without my Painterly Paint Pot by MAC, and am quite partial to IndianWood, GroundWork and Constructivist also. I am super drawn to the online swatches of the new Shadow Bases and want them all!!! I can see myself getting use out of all of the shades shown above. Whomever chose the shades deserves a good pat on the back because they are all exactly my taste!
They can be purchased individually from the company's website for $13 or in a 3 piece set for $36 each. They have all jumped to the top of my wish list! (Sorry for the excessive use of !!Exclamations!! in this post!!) 
Check them out at to buy them up. I can't say anything about their quality yet but have high hopes!
Have any of you guys tried them out yet??

Chat soon,



  1. Oh my goodness, I love all of them! And wouldn't spy be perfect under Club by MAC? Very nice.


  2. I really like them too and am very tempted. Provoke and pursue look fantastic to me and I may go for the Flare set since thats 3 for the price of those two anyway. I go nuts for a cream base too and never do makeup without some sticky product under my eyeshadow.

    1. Same here! I have come to love cream bases more than ever over the past year or so. These are drool worthy for me! x


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