Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sleek Makeup "Flick It" Eyeliner Pens ❤

Sleek Makeup have done it again and are catering to the needs of the average makeup consumer by releasing an easy to use felt-tip eyeliner pen that's long lasting and smudge resistant. 
These type of eyeliner pens are not completely new to the market but they are becoming more popular and for good reason. They are brilliant for easy liner application and great for the makeup novice who struggles with 'floppy' brush applicators.

Sleek Makeup's "Flick it" eyeliner pens will be released in 3 shades on the 13th of February. Two of which, "Royal Blue" & "Purple Aura", being limited edition and the Black shade "Dazzling Black" to stay in line permanently!

I was sent the "Purple Aura" shade & "Dazzling Black", both pictured above.
The purple shade is matte (though it does reflect a little light) and applies a lot darker than the end cap on the pen would have you believe! It is a very dark burgundy/wine shade that can appear almost black on the skin if worn alone. Only when swatched beside the black shade does it look obviously purple-(ish). Saying that though, it's a lovely shade that is dark enough for good definition and will really compliment green and hazel eyes, making them 'pop'.... (*cringes a bit at using that gem*)
The Black shade will stay in line and has a high gloss finish. It applies easily to the skin with an opaque covering that lasts until you take it off later that day.
Interestingly enough, when I was in the shower after taking the above pictures, the black shade washed away before the purple shade, though both required a good rubbing :P
"Dazzling Black"

"Purple Aura"
Though I think these liners are class, there are a few points to keep in mind to get the best results out of them. Always store the pens with the nib-end facing down so as there is a constant flow of ink into the nib. And always make sure the lid is kept on when not in use, and properly applied so air doesn't get into the cap. This will help prevent the pen drying out and dragging on the skin. I have found though that if my eyeliner takes me a while to perfect, by the time I get to the second eye the nib can have dried up a little and need a minute or so to re-fuel. This can be a pain if in a hurry. 
Besides that, these are great liners that don't smudge thanks to their set 'film'-like quality. I would suggest using an oil based remover to cleanse these off without applying too much stress to the skin.
They will retail from £5.99 and of course will be available online from as well as from Superdrug stores in the UK.

Look out for them from next week.


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