Monday, February 18, 2013

Sleek Makeups' True Colours.

If I had to pick out just one thing that Sleek Makeup do right (and there are many), it would be their vast shade range and colour selection across all their products. Especially considering that they are a "Drug Store" brand, which are usually known for being limited in shades etc compared to higher end makeup.  
Sleek have gone ahead and added 10 brand new lipstick shades to their "True Colour" lipstick range which already boasts 20 colours. 

True Colour Lipstick "Tangerine Scream" 799 - Sheen 
True Colour Lipstick "Russian Roulette" 795 - Matte
Two of the new colours from the range that I received are "Tangerine Scream" and "Russian Roulette" (in the pictures above & below)
 "Tangerine Scream" is a neon bright orange shade with an impressive opacity and luxuriously soft feel to the lips. It comes in a sheen finish (the base of which is castor oil) and contains Vitamin E.
 "Russian Roulette" is a rich blue-based red shade with a matte finish, again with a lovely opaque long-lasting covering that also contains Vitamin E. (As does the entire range)

  "Tangerine Scream"

 "Russian Roulette"

The quality of these little lippies is insane, especially considering the low price point of £4.99 or €5.99, and the colour pay-off is really brilliant. The 10 new shades are inspired by the colours seen on the runways of SS'13 fashion weeks and are bang on trend with the bright, popping shades. 
As I've said already, the lipsticks come in two finishes, Sheen & matte. The sheen is a little more comfortable on the lips than the matte finish products, but no surprise there. Both finishes contain Vitamin E which is hydrating and works as a protective barrier.

Swatches of all the 'True Colour' shades.

The lipsticks are available now from or from Superdrug stores in the U.K.

I definitely plan on picking up at least a couple more!!

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  1. Very impressive sounding! Must give them a go next time I'm ordering! That tangerine shade looks amazing!

  2. I have my eye on 4 of the new lippies including the two you have here. I have a few of their lipsticks already and am totally impressed with the quality. It's nice to see some swatches, thank you. x

  3. Sleek is such good quality in general for the price, I've been quite surprised. Might get the Mr. to pick some of these up for me when he's over in Scotland.

  4. If you look around Deals, you can find these lipsticks as miniatures for 1.49 :) Just dig through the lipsticks!


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