Wednesday, March 6, 2013

La Roche-Posay 'Nutritic Intense' - Dry Skin Saviour

Dry to super dry skin is thankfully a condition I don't generally suffer from... yet! But working on all the different skin types on a daily basis, I am very well aware of the discomfort and annoyance it can cause to those of you who do suffer from dry, tight, flakey skin.
La Roche-Posay have recently launched their newest dry skin remedy in the form of their Nutritic Intense formulas which promise to "reconstitute dry skin layer by layer, relieving painful sensations & offering comfort & suppleness while soothing the skin", and all this is thanks to their new breakthrough active ingredient; MP-LIPIDS. These lipid lads basically help repair the skins barrier function which is compromised due to the lack of natural lipids in the skin, causing the sensitivity, redness, tightness and all the other uncomfortable side effects associated with dry skin.

LRP have released two formulas;
1.  Nutritic Intense tube which is described as having a "Smooth Texture" & is "Ultra-fine yet replenishing".  It is aimed at those with dry to very dry skin.
RRP; €17.00
2.  Nutritic Intense Riche. This comes in a jar which is a first for the skincare brand, but immense care was taken during production to ensure the formulation would not be exposed to a higher contamination rick due to increased contact with the air.
This formula has a "dense balm-like texture", hence adding the word 'RICHE' to the title. It has a richer formula than the tube, containing twice the amount of glycerin in the ingredients. Glycerin is a strong humectant, meaning it attracts and traps moisture to the skin!
This one is then understandably aimed at people with 'very dry skin' .
RRP; €20.50

Both contain the MP-LIPIDS & glycerin as I mentioned above as well as Shea Butter; Solid in the balm formula (jar) and liquified in the tube formula. 

I received the Nutritic Intense Riche (richer, balm formula in the jar) and did test it out for about a week, nightly on my own skin. Even though it is a balm it didn't feel as heavy as some balms tend to, and this is thanks to the formula having a "fusion point of 31 degrees, skins exact temperature", meaning it becomes fluid upon contact with the skin. 
I think I'd personally be more suited to the lighter tube formula as my skin isn't 'very dry', just sometimes dry due to environment etc. But I did find that my skin felt and looked amazing, and not overly greasy, when I woke in the morning.
My mom on the other hand flipped out over the Nutritic Intense Riche and loved how it sat on her older, much drier skin surface. She has been using it on a daily basis and brought it on holiday with her to Lanzarote last week! 

Available now nationwide and priced brilliantly for the quality products you are getting!

I'll let ye know if I do get the tube formula when my current Vichy night cream runs out for comparison.

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  1. I'm so tempted to buy this cause it just looks so good, even if it is a bit out of my budget range ... How long do you reckon a tube/jar would last?

    1. Hi Annabelclair, They both come in a 50ml size so there's plenty of product and a little goes a long way! If you were to use it both day and night you'd still get a good month at least I'd say if not more but I'd always use something with an SPF for day and leaving this for night only means it'll last ya ages!!! x


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