Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lancome 'Teint Visionnaire' Foundation & Concealer Duo; Review & Demo.

 I went a bit mental there a couple of weeks ago spending a bit above my budget on makeup, between Brown Thomas and Boots, & one of those purchases was the €45 (£36) Lancome 'Teint Visionnaire' Foundation & Concealer Duo. Considering you're getting 2 products in the package, it's not actually a bad price for such a high end foundation, well 3 products almost as the foundation contains the Visionnaire Super Serum.
The foundation comes in a 30ml bottle at the bottom & has a pump dispenser. The concealer is in the lid, which has a handy mirror on the inside. The lid is a bit bulky though, making it not ideal for throwing in the makeup bag on a night out!
The creamy wax based concealer contains vitamin CG (nope, I've never heard of it either) which has brightening qualities and is designed to cover dark circles as well as imperfections on the skin. It's quite a solid cream texture that needs to be softened a bit before application, the warmth of your fingertips is perfect for this. I actually prefer to apply it with my fingers because of this reason. The concealer that came with my foundation shade #005 Beige Ivory (the palest, and supposedly yellow based) is definitely a little more pink that the foundation, making it not great for covering redness and also means that it doesn't blend perfectly with the foundation. I personally only use it on my under-eye area and love how it looks there BUT it can crease and will probably require setting with a bit of powder.

The foundation contains the Visionnaire serum which contains the 'miracle' ingredient LR2412, a plant derived acid that took 12 years & 2412 attempts to perfect! It acts like Retinol but without the skin thinning side-effect. It is designed to deal with wrinkles, enlarged pores and unevenness of skin texture & tone. Pretty jam packed of awesomeness if it works as well as it claims to!!
It has an SPF20 which is just low enough for flash photography as long as it's not set with a light-reflecting powder etc.
It is available in 18 shades and offers a medium "perfecting" coverage with a natural satin finish.
I would definitely recommend powdering over top to set in place and anyone who is oily would have to use a primer underneath but it is more suited to the drier skin types. Saying that however, it sits beautifully on my combination skin.

I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for a natural radiant, comfortable wearing foundation but still suggest everyone go to their closest counter and get their hands on a sample to trial it out for a day or two!

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