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Elemis 'Pro-Collagen' Advanced Eye Treatment.

 Despite what the picture above says, this isn't such a new product anymore, the rest is accurate though.
I received this towards the end of summer last year, shortly after it was released but wanted to finish it before posting my review. If something has big claims, it definitely deserves time to prove those claims!

This eye treatment was released after 3 years of development and was touted as a 'revolutionary formula' targeting fine lines & wrinkles. Yes please!!
It's an eye serum containing 'powerful plant actives combined with a sophisticated complex of amino acids'..... basically it's packed with natural ingredients that improve the skins function. It moisturises, smooths, firms (tightens) and strengthens the skins protective barrier function, which is super important for the delicate eye area!

 In the lid is a super handy dropper dispenser which is brilliant for hygiene and also for not wasting the precious product, which is approx £39 RRP in the UK or €54 RRP in Ireland for the 15ml bottle.
I literally 'dropped' a small amount of the liquid from the dropper directly onto my skin and then used my ring finger to lightly tap & smooth it in around the delicate eye area. 
The dropper never touched my skin and went back into the bottle clean without adding any germs back into the treatment.

I used the treatment like a serum, so it was applied first to treat the skin and then I trapped it in place by placing another eye cream over the top.
The consistency is very fluid and totally absorbs into the skin so though it feels like it is nourishing the skin 'from beneath the surface' I still like the feeling of light moisture 'sitting' on top of the skin, as a kind of solid protective barrier, and that's why I alway applied a light cream over the top, particularly during the day for sun protection or as a primer for makeup.
It has a super light-weight texture, very fluid, and contains natural humectants which help to maintain the skins moisture levels and also firm the area. 

Full list of the ingredients;

Other ingredients include;

Amino Acids;  Derived from sugar cane and corn, these help to defend the skins natural protective barrier. They also brighten the skin and promote elasticity as well as improving clarity.
They 'deliver healthy, fresh & dewy looking skin', while activating circulation which brightens. 

Blue Flower Linseed;  Linseeds have 'emollient, softening and moisturising properties'.  These are strong anti-oxidants that help to prevent damage. Essential fatty acids help to strengthen and support the epidermis and promote elasticity. This gives a firming or smoothing effect to the skin. 

Macro Cellular Complex;  This contains 'highly moisture retentive mushroom polysaccharides, plantago and wheat proteins'..... These all condition the skin and help to keep it moist & supple. 

So in a nut shell??!.....

It's a lovely luxurious feeling fluid that feels really comfortable on the skin. It has the immediate effect of plumping the skin slightly which helps to reduce the appearance of yeuky fine lines and not-too-deep wrinkles. It doesn't leave a sticky film on the surface like some eye products can but it maybe lacks the silicone-y texture that I love for under my eye makeup, and an eye primer of some sort will probably be needed by anyone who worries about concealer looking dry on the skin after a while. 
I was genuinely disappointed when I finished my little bottle and would absolutely buy sometime in the future to use again. (For the minute I have a gazillion other eye lotions and potions to try out so it might be a wait!!)

Check out the website here.....

Available from timetospa.co.uk and selected John Lewis, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols Stores throughout the U.K.
Available from selected spas and salons throughout Ireland.
Buy online from Debenhams here...

From the website.....

"Elemis is available across the globe through award-winning spas, 

salons, department stores and travel spas, plus online through 
our official shopping partners."

........... for your nearest location call +44 (0) 117 316 1888
For the USA and Caribbean call 1-800-423-5293 

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