Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruity!! New Roger & Gallet "Lait des bienfaits" Body Lotion.

 As I've mentioned before on a few occasions, I don't often get particularly excited over body lotions & potions but this new offering from French brand Roger & Gallet has won me over despite a rocky beginning to our relationship!

 The "Lait des bienfaits" (which literally translates to "Milk of benefits") is a body lotion containing "5 antioxidant Fruits" that promises to hydrate, nourish & invigorate for up to 24 hours, and is suitable for dry & sensitive skins.
 The first thing that struck me about this was the scent, Blood Orange with Violet leaves & Cederwood, but it mainly smells very very orangey with the tang of blood orange. It's strong!! The strength of this scent is what almost put me off the lotion at the start.
 The smell is really lovely, but I don't wear/use perfumes, body sprays, deodrants or even a body moisturiser unless I shave my legs or underarms! I'm just not used to having anything smelly on my skin at all. My mom had a sniff of it and immediately asked if she could take it off my hands! I promised I'd give it to her eventually but am now a little regretful of that promise.

 As I only use moisturiser on my underarms and legs after shaving, I didn't find the scent that prominent at all once it was on, if anything it's just enough that I get a hint of a whiff and not the overwhelming smell I was worried about. What really won me over is the feel of the skin after this "milk with benefits" sinks in. It's literally the softest my skin has ever felt after using any moisturiser and it totally soaks in without 'sitting on the skins surface' like many body lotions do. I have found myself rubbing it into the back of my hands in the evenings because I've become quite addicted to how soft & smooth it makes them feel!

The '5 antioxidant fruits' are cranberry, pomegranate, blueberry, blackcurrent and cherry but it also contains;
 *Aloe Vera... Hydrating and softening.
 *Kiwi Extract... Softening and improves the skins' suppleness.
 *Ginseng Extract... Stimulating
 *And the signature Blood Orange... Invigorating.

 The "Lait des bienfaits" body lotion definitely does what it claims to straight off and also promises continued improvement of the skin after 4 weeks, but the scent might be a little off-putting to anyone who is sensitive to (and not that bonkers about) strong scents.
 As all the fragrances are from natural extracts though there's no need to be concerned about the 'perfume' being irritating to the skin, quite the opposite!

The lotion comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with a handy pump despenser and retails for €14.75 here in Ireland.

It's available from select Marks & Sparks beauty halls and pharmacies that usually stock the brand.


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