Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleek Online Exclusive!! "Showstoppers" limited edition eyeshadow palette.... featuring some old favourites :)

Sleek Makeup are releasing this 'Showstoppers' palette, as an online exclusive, featuring some old favourites chosen from various past palettes, all listed in the swatch image below...

They chose a nice variety of different colours and finishes with 5 mattes, 6 shimmers and one sparkle texture!

When I received the palette a couple of weeks ago, the information didn't arrived with it (the press release followed about a week later) so I knew nothing about it. I opened it and thought that most of the eyeshadows looked very familiar!! So it wasn't much of a surprise when I learned they were from palettes I already had, but the shade names should have tipped me off! ha ha.
It's a lovely selection that I have been trying out plenty since I got it. My favourite shades are the cranberry (Sunset), green (Me, myself & Eye), pewter (Graphite) ones on the top row, and the shimmer flesh tone (Storm), purple (Sparkle) & brown (Au Natural) ones on the bottom row. 
5 Shimmers & the soul sparkle in the bunch!

Swatches photographed in natural day-light.
Swatches photographed with flash.
The palette is being released as an online exclusive as I've already mentioned and will be available from tomorrow the 10th of April.
It has a RRP of £7.99 and can be purchased directly from www.sleekmakeup.com



  1. I love this palette, I actually just posted about this palette, great!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a pretty palette! (i found your blog with google)


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