Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleek Makeup Lip Palettes; Lip4...... (That's supposed to read Lip*squared*) Fantastic!

Sleek Makeup have just yesterday launched their new lipstick palettes called Lip4 ..... (
I'm pretty impressed due to my being quite fond of palettes in general, especially when it comes to my professional kit, but these are much more affordable than most similar palettes. (usually by professional brands). They are retailing for £8.99 and the shade range seems to cover most of what any gal should need to prettify her lips!

There are 6 palettes being released;
        *Show Girl.
                                  *Havana. (Online Exclusive)
                                      *Mardi Gras. (Limited Edition)

Two of the six Lip Palettes;
 'Siren' 859 & 'Mardi gras' 861
I was sent 'Siren' & the limited edition palette 'Mardi gras'.
'Siren' contains very season appropriate red/coral/orange shades & the 'Mardi gras' palette contains a brilliant violet/purple shade as well as 3 gorgeous bright pinks.
The lipsticks come in 3 different textures; Matte, Gloss & Satin.
You have plenty of options when it comes to customising your own colour by mixing the shades or even the finish!

Siren 859; 'Love me', 'Desire me', 'Miss me', Kiss me'.
With flash.
Siren 859; 'Love me', 'Desire me', 'Miss me', Kiss me'.
Without flash.
Mardi Gras 861; 'Rio', 'Carnival', 'Firework', Masquerade'.
With flash.

Mardi Gras 861; 'Rio', 'Carnival', 'Firework', Masquerade'.
Without flash.

'Love me' - top lip (Gloss finish)
'Kiss me' - bottom lip (Matte finish)
'Rio' - top lip (Satin finish)
'Carnival' - bottom lip (Gloss finish)

The glossy shades gave me a bit of a fright while swatching as they are totally soft & gloopy, not a problem in of itself but not knowing this before, I made quite a dent in the shades by accident with the little lip brush. The glossy ones (see picture above) go on super smooth and are very pigmented, reminding me of the Sleek Makeup Pout paints. The matte shades still have a subtle sheen to them but do take a little more building up to acquire an opaque coverage. I didn't find them particularly drying on the lips though which is always good. The satin finish shades (the beautiful purple 'Rio' for example)
are a lovely happy medium.
Some of the stronger shades stain the skin/lips a bit but this doesn't put me off considering how much I like everything else about them!
I like the packaging as always with the Sleek makeup products, including the handy inbuilt mirror, I like the price point for the quality of the products, which is very high! All in all I thing these are great little palettes especially for the makeup fanatic and professional who benefits from grouping their lippys together for their kit etc. 

Available now from Superdrug (UK) and online at
Do note that the 'Mardi Gras' palette is limited and the 'Havana' palette is available online only!

Do any of you guys have any of these yet???

Chat soon,


  1. I'm not a fan of lip palettes - but those shades are amazing!

  2. I love it!! I love all of them, I have two of them and I love them! thanks for sharing

  3. omg I love them! I'm going to purchase Mardi gras

  4. OMG, the second one is amazing!!! I'm from Italy and here there isn't Sleek's products.
    But now I want to place an online order...

    1. They are great to order from, no hassles. xx


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