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Smell like Summer..... with Roger & Gallet.

I'm pretty new to the Roger & Gallet brand, having recently blogged on my first of their products, the "Lait des bienfaits" which I was pleasantly surprised by. And a small update on the back of that post, poor ol' Mammy McDonnell (aka Bridie) didn't end up getting the body lotion in the end, I just couldn't bring myself to part with it!  So just as well I have more of the brands' scented goodies to share with ye as this means that Bridie will definitely luck out this time 'round!
As I mentioned in the aforementioned post, I rarely wear scents even though I do appreciate a nice smell. It's just that I'm not used to fragranced products, but boy does Mammy McD like her smellies, and yet again she has fallen in love with these newest R&G offerings.

The start off with, I was sent 2 products from their new "Fleur de Figuier" range which is inspired by the fig trees of the Mediterranean area. The range was created by Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and consists of 4 products; A shower cream, perfumed soap, body lotion & a fragrant water spray.
'Eau fraiche parfumée' & 'Perfumed soap.

The fragranced water spray, 'Eau fraiche', which comes in 2 sizes ; 
30 ml for €17.50
100ml for €39.75 RRP,
 contains hints of mandarin flower, musk & fig wood along with the fig pulp.
It's a beautiful scent that truly reminds me of the summer, particularly when I was young and my mam & aunty would douse themselves in perfume when the layers came off due to the finer weather. 
Even though I'm not a perfume wearer and am surely not properly appreciating the scent by doing this, I have been lightly spritzing my clothing with a little of the spray and thoroughly enjoying the light fragrance while it lasts.  Being a fragrant water & not an actual perfume, it's not the longest lasting scent.
Although I find describing smells nigh on impossible, (my nose is not my strong point, ha ha) I'll give it a go. It seems slightly citrus-y to me but also a little musky (not a shocker as it contains musk!) and it's definitely a little sweet. That's about as descriptive as I'm going to get I'm afraid! 
I am glad that it's not at all an over-powering scent which would be a selling point for me personally. Plus it's comfortable to wear and smell indoors or in closed spaces!

The "Round fragranced soap" is similar to the spray but seems stronger to my nose and also muskier. It comes in a handy hard plastic container with 'drainage holes' at the bottom to allow water to escape from the soap after use which will prevent the soap from softening and 'melting'. 
The single 100g 'travel box' retails for €6.75 and it is also available in a 3 pack box for €14.75. RRP.
It is 100% plant based, as would be expected from the higher-end luxury brand, and is packaged beautifully; wrapped in red pleated silk paper. 
It also takes a full week to produce! Phew....

The range is formulated for sensitive skin types and the packaging design is from the talent of French designer Martin Szekely.

Also available;
  200ml Shower cream €9.00 RRP. a plant based formula containing shea butter and is soap-free, sulphate-free & paraben-free.
200ml Body lotion €14.75 RRP. which is formulated for delicate & sensitive skin types. 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin, it moisturises for 24hrs & is paraben-free.

Another of the brands recent releases is their new 'Shower range' . This consists of 2 shower creams & 5 shower gels which are soap-free, paraben-free, colourant-free & sulphate-free. 
They are described as having the "perfect balance between highly sophisticated perfumes & a natural formulation".
I was sent the "Fleur d'Osmanthus" (Osmanthus Flower) which again has a fruity scent which to me smells like citrus (more lemony than orange) and peaches! It also contains Aleo Vera and softening glycerin. 
The 200ml soft squeezey tubes retail for €9.90. RRP.

Again, personally, I'm quite glad that the scent of this gel doesn't linger on the skin after your shower. You can definitely small & enjoy it while applying it in the shower, but once you've rinsed and dried off, there's no residual scent.

The other shower gels available include; 
Bois d'Orange
Jean Marie-Farina

The 2 Gentle shower creams include;
Fleur fe Fiquier

All of the products mentioned along with the rest of the Roger & Gallet range are available now in Marks & Spencer beauty halls & selected pharmacies nationwide.

That's it for now!

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