Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Sunshine in a bottle".... or three :P Aussie "Miracle Shine" Hair Range.

"There's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start" 
Love this quote which is the Aussie companies' philosophy, and says a lot about the brand which, for as long as I've know about them, markets itself as 'fun' & lighthearted. Aussie always writes descriptions of what their products do in lay-mans terms and often in a comical or slightly silly way. For this alone I like the brand.
I've been using their products on and off for years because they are some of the best products available in their price range! 
I was sent this trio, below in the picture, a couple of months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying the results since...

The Hair Treatment, Shampoo & Conditioner.
The new "Miracle Shine" range from the brand is designed to bring a look of "radiance" to your locks, leaving them glossy & shiny. The products contain Pearl Powder & Australian Ginseng Extract to make the shine-a-thon possible!
I have been using these three fellas above a couple times a week, alternating the Aussie treatment with my Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment , for the past while now and they definitely have been adding to the healthy look of my hair of late. The Aussie products always smell divine too which is a bonus!
One little observation about the consistency of the formulas is that they aren't that runny at all which means it's difficult to accidentally pour or squeeze out too much product. Another bonus.
My fine yet frizz-prone hair dries to a sleek, shiny finish after washing & most importantly, it's not weighed down at all! 
The 3 minute miracle treatments are very popular in Ireland anyhow, both my sisters use them as well as many friends of mine, and I happily recommend them highly to everyone! They totally soften the hair, making it look really healthy.

The Aussie range is available from most Irish Supermarkets & pharmacies. 
The prices can vary but the RRP is as follows;

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoos;
300ml - €5.49
500ml - €8.29

Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner;
300ml - €5.49
500ml - €8.29

Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment;
250ml - €6.59

And that's it for now!!
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