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Beautiful Vintage Print Dress &

Since I've started posting fashion videos on my LetzMakeup channel, various online clothing companies have been contacting me about their products and joining their blogging programmes (More so than before). I always politely declined any of these offers before I was filming styling & fashion videos, but now that I am & it's relavent to my channel, I am happily considering a few of the offers. I jumped at the chance to join the blogger programme as I've spent the past year drooling over the bits I've seen many of my youtube subscriptions and favourite fashion blogs showing off, from the China-based online brand. And since my first order, which was partly subsidised, I've not been disappointed. Now because of my happy experience with Romwe  I'm definitely interested in a few of the other companies who have approached me. 
(And let me say here for the record, as with my makeup work, I will always be honest about my experiences with companies and be transparent about collaborating)

Anyhow, with that out of the way, time to get to the point of this blog post.
I noticed that a many of these China based companies carry many of the same items but with varying pricing. 
One such company which has approached me about their blogger programme is As with all companies that contact me, I did my research after reading their proposal to get a feel for them & their products and see if it's something that would benefit my blog and my readers/viewers.
The first thing that struck me was just how inexpensive their products are. Way more affordable than all their counter-parts, and I checked!! The second, after continuing my research, was the mixed reviews on the company (As well as many complaints). Their products don't seem to be the main issue (paying $5 - $10 for an item of clothing shouldn't have you expecting top-quality merchandise) however many people have hit various forums to complain about various issues they have had with the brand, such as very long waiting periods for processing or delivery, or products not being delivered in the order with the rest of their stuff, or suddenly being out of stock without prior warning etc. After nosing about the internet a bit more, I've come to the conclusion that is not a 'dodgy' or dishonest company, but rather a company that has trouble keeping up with the volume of orders they receive, or keeping track of all their orders and subsequent correspondence.   
The reason for my babbling.... I'm still totally gobsmacked by the low prices of their products and wanted to decide about the company for myself, and from my own experience (as a regular buyer).
So I decided to purchase from them myself before placing any orders through the blogger programme so I could see how it goes, and also so I can compare the two experiences. This isn't me trying to 'catch out' Sammydress, just pure curiosity as I don't like having my opinion made up for me by other people and through other peoples experiences!
I decided on this absolutely gorgeous dress below which comes in 'one size' but seems to still be quite small (thanks to the Chinese sizing) and is supposed to fit my size 6/8 frame.

It cost me a mere $15 (US dollars) and the shipping, which is calculated by weight, only $5. This when changed over to €s comes to only about €15!!  
Beware though that the heavier the products, the greater the shipping fee and I have no idea yet as to whether I'll get charged by Irish customs when the package arrives. I didn't get charged for my Romwe order, where I chose the free (and slower shipping) method which arrives via HongKong post. I chose the standard shipping with Sammydress which also comes via HongKong post (and can take a month or more at 'up to 25 BUSINESS days to arrive) so I would be surprised if I got charged. I would expect it if I chose the quicker delivery methods using delivery companies.
I found the exact same dress on the website for a comparatively whopping $45.00 ON SALE down from $53.97.... BUT does allow you the option of a free shipping method. Plus, like the similar Romwe web-store, has a much better online reputation.
Either way I'm happy to take my chances on the lesser priced option from Sammydress and see for myself how I get on! 
I think as long as you know what to expect when shopping from these cheaper websites, you do so "at your own risk" so to say. I'll always give something a first go, and if it doesn't work out, I know to stay clear a second & third time.

For now, I'm looking forward to receiving my dress, even if I am in for a bit of a wait. And I will update ye all on my experience & the actual item once it arrives!!
I'm also interested in hearing (reading) any of yeer experiences with any of these companies.

Thanks for making it through my rambling ^_^

Catch ye later,


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