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First Eye AND LASH Serum by Vichy; LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes.

Ye might have noticed that I've taken a wee break from writing any makeup or beauty posts over the past whileen. I seem to have a pattern of needing a break from it every now & again seen as I do this (makeup etc) as my profession AND hobby. And that explains my recent love-affair with fashion posts lately too! 

Thanks to the long-coming summer we have been enjoying here, I haven't been wearing much makeup, plus I had also put myself on a makeup-buying ban while saving for my holidays. 
What I have been using & enjoying over that time though, not surprisingly, is skin-care. This is always a priority for me and I couldn't even begin to create 'flawless' appearing skin without having my skin as perfect as possible to begin with. 

Say hello to Vichys relatively new 'LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes'. It was launched in March of this year but I wanted to trial it out for a couple of months before writing my review on it. Also, one of the main ingredients in it, Rhamnose (ingredient #2), is supposed to take over a month of continuous daily application to show 'real benefits'.

The original LiftActiv Serum 10, which this new serum evolved from, is one of the most popular anti-aging serums in European pharmacies with one sold per minute! This newer formula is equally as impressive with its being the first ever serum formulated to treat both the entire eye area as well as the eyelashes. 

It's a white cream that has a pearl look to the formula (see the picture above) and comes in a 15ml (0.51 fl.oz.) bottle with a pump action dispenser. The cream has a light texture that doesn't stay 'sitting' on the skin after application but rather 'melts' into it and is non-greasy/non-sticky. 
As with the rest of the Vichy line of products, it is suitable for sensitive skin (& eyes) & is fragrance free. 
It's claims are backed by clinical trial results and include;

1. Lifting Effect; 
Immediate results recorded as 10% wrinkle reduction (in appearance)
After 1 month, 21% reduction in crows feet. 
Under eye wrinkles reduced by 27%

2. Instant Illumination; 
Has a brightening effect with 75% increase in luminosity & "73% less tired-looking"

3. Fortified Eyelashes;
Lashes are strengthened to resist breakage and "surface damage" & look fuller.

"+42% Widened Eye look after one month"

So now that all the facts and figured are out of the way I'll get to what I found using it......
My eye area felt hydrated without feeling heavy or greasy, and I did notice an immediate brightening affect thanks to the pearl shimmer particles of the formula. I used it as a treatment serum, same as I did with the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment, and usually applied an eye cream on top for further moisturisation when wearing makeup. 
When used on it's lonesome though it worked as a perfect primer for concealer around the eye area.
The skin around my eyes looks good at the moment, better than usual BUT I have recently had a treatment done around the eye area in my local skincare clinic so I can't fully attribute the goodness (?!) of my skin to the serum.
I have felt that my skin stays more hydrated looking for longer throughout the day with the serum on.
Since my eyelashes are already in good condition I honestly can't say whether my lashes have benefited from the serum or not, but they certainly haven't decreased in condition. 

The only real downside to the product is in the packaging rather than the formula itself. It has a pump which I usually always look for but it's hard to control the amount of product it releases. Seems to be the exact same problem I have with the MAC Prolongwear Concealer bottles (if any of ye are familiar with those). Most of the time, too much product is pumped out no matter how careful you are to be gentle which leads to waste, and since it only comes in a 15ml size, you might not get as long out of it as you should do. You could put any excess into a sample pot to avoid waste but you shouldn't have to!

A small amount (a drop, about half a pump) is plenty to treat both eyes. I would apply the serum all around the eye area gently and finish off by 'brushing' what's left on my fingers over the eyelashes. 

It contains 10% Rhamnose, a naturally occurring sugar  which targets the papillary dermis,which is a fragile layer of cells found just underneath the dermo-epidermal junction.  These are the collagen making cells so this means you can expect firmer looking skin thanks to the Rhamnose stimulating these cells. 
It also contains Ceramides which condition the lashes.

The serum is available from all regular Vichy suppliers and retails for RRP €27.00 IRL.
Available now!!

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