Thursday, June 20, 2013 Wishlist.

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Time for another fashion related post and this time I'm sharing one of my new favourite hobbies..... Wishlisting! 
Like I mentioned before, I'm trying to be a bit picky about the clothing companies I work with, mainly because I don't have the time to create as many fashion videos/posts as I'd like, along with the beauty ones (and my job of course!). contacted me recently about joining their blogger programme and it took me all of 5 minutes to decide to join, clicking on their shoe section first-thing is to blame for this!!!.

It's a HongKong based online company (similar to etc) and has a great selection of items without too many *blah* bits to fill it up... So basically it doesn't take all day to browse the different sections to find good pieces, it just has a fab selection! Plus the prices vary from very affordable to high-street level so there's something to suit most pockets.
Below is a compilation of my wishlist from the website to get the ball rolling & give ye an idea of what to expect in the future from my collaboration with PersunMall.  It is a selection of some really classic items mixed with more funky/individual items...
(Click on the images to be brought to the relevant sections)

The shoe selection is what seduced me immediately with a choice of really unique and edgy shoes. I've never been the girliest of 'em all and definitely like my footwear to have a bit of attitude. 
(That sounds really corny for some reason! ha ha)

The Dress Section has a good mix of edgy and more feminine pieces and I also like that I haven't seen most of the items repeated on other sites either.

Some of my picks for tops, shirtblazers and jackets. The sizing is clearly shown on all pages but I'd advise on having a measuring tape on hand if your like me and have no idea of your measurements.
Even though I have measured myself in the past I've never taken note of my particulars (in centimeters) so of course have totally forgotten what they are.

A few of my 'wishlisted' pants and skirts. I really like the look of the two skirts on the bottom right of the above image, really unique looking designs.

Another of my weaknesses.... Bags!

And finally the Jewelry section. Loving my spikey jewelry lately like the necklaces at the top right & top centre, plus that peacock necklace is gorgeous... So many cute items!!

That's it for my wishlist for now, though there are other sections including a wedding dress section, and an event section that's definitely worth checking out if it's what your looking for.
And importantly, it offers the worldwide free-shipping option which means you might have a bit of a wait for your items (3 to 4 weeks), but you avoid having to pay customs once it does arrive!

Looking forward to working with PersunMall in the near future and sharing my picks and looks with ye all...

PersunMalls facebook page... 

Chat soon,

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