Monday, June 3, 2013

'Shivs Style'; New Clothes! etc... Romwe, Primark, Forever21 & Swamp.

Hey Guys :)

Many of ye have been asking to see more of my wardrobe since I began posting fashion videos so I thought a good start to that would be to share some recent purchases of mine. Most of the bits should still available to buy as they were bought within the past month or so and it'll give ye an idea as to where my personal style is at the minute!

I also placed my first ever order which I was super excited about!! I have been watching other 'Tubers like TarMarTales, Nikkie Tutorials & EllieJayden show off their wonderful purchases from the up & coming clothing website over the past year, drooling a little, coveting a lot!!
I was lucky enough to be partly subsidised by the company for my order, but I am not sponsored and of course got to choose everything myself. I do love my job sometimes ^_^
I particularly love the company since it's based in China and so caters to the more petite frame!! This is something I often struggle with when it comes to online shopping as most things I buy tend to be a tad baggy on me.

These are the bits I ordered from Romwe & links to what's still available to buy!!
Plus the one Forever21 item I could source online. Penneys & Swamp are instore only.

(The first pait of Forever21 pants I showed in the video!!)

Penneys/Primark stuff isn't available online but as far as I know all the bits from the video are still available in store!!

As always, I'd love to hear from you guys,

Til next post,


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