Monday, June 3, 2013

Silver & Gold; New Look Necklaces.

'Re; Born' Necklace from New Look
(Silver with turquoise beads)

'Re; Born' Necklace from New Look
(Gold with black beads)
I was in work last week & a buddy of mine came in with a stunning gold effect necklace with turquoise beading which I instantly fell in love with! She had picked it up from Newlook a couple of days earlier so I high-tailed it into my closest New Look but it was already sold out! Boo >_<
There were two other variations (in the pictures above) still on the stand that I thought were just as pretty so I picked them up considering they are only €12.00 a piece. 
I got them mainly because I have to wear so much black on black clothing during the week for work and I like to add a bit of colour through my accessories!

I may still check my other local New Look across town to see if they have the one my friend has (Gold effect with 2 rows of turquoise beading). I think they are a really interesting, gorgeous design that I suspect I will get plenty of wear out of!!

I really hope and plan on doing more of these quick show & tell posts of bits I'm loving or coveting to share with ye all. I'm thoroughly enjoying the fashion/styling related side of things and will be holding a giveaway on here soon so keep an eye out for that!!



  1. Oh my gosh, those necklaces are beautiful!

    1. I know :) They are still available from Newlook as far as I know! x


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