Monday, June 3, 2013

❤❤ Undergarments ❤❤

I've never quite gotten over my Hello Kitty obsession, I suspect I'll be one of those 70 yr old non-grannies with 20 cats and hopefully at least 2 more Hello Kitty tattoos, adding to my already existing Hello Kitty tattoo and normal cat on my (tattoo) half-sleeve.

I'm also a tad enamored by cute & kitch knickers! Well underwear in general, I was the proud owner of 2 Hello Kitty bras/crop tops until recently when I had to retire them due to old age :( (That's the age of the garments, not me, ha ha!!)

I picked up these super cute H.K knicker briefs from Penneys last week for €3.00 a piece.....

I also picked up a couple of crop tops, which I love to wear during the (supposedly) warmer months in place of a bra. One of the things I love about having small boobs! 
The first is quite un-exceptional looking but looks cute on and is a perfect fit, tight enough to offer a bit of support but not so tight that it cuts into my ribs.

€3.00 from Penneys
And I came across this super cute lace crop top that was reduced to only €2.00 and there were 2 of them left in my size, so I picked them both up!

I love the lace detail and again the fit, which means I don't have to wear a bra underneath.

Am I the only one who dislikes wearing actual bras the whole time?? Anyhow, I also have a 'Summer Holiday' haul coming soon as I've started to stock up for my holiday to Croatia in July, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Look out for that and more styling posts soon,



  1. I love the lace crop top! I don't think anyone really likes wearing bras ;D hahaha. Croatia! How awesome is that? I hope you have an amazing trip!

    1. Oh me too! ha ha. Thanks, I'm wearing it today! x


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