Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back from holidays! Last few videos :)

Howdy Guys!!!

I'm back from my holidays and a 2 week break from work, including all my internet stuff. Apart from a few instagram updates, I haven't been checking or updating my sites, mainly due to the weak internet in my hotel room in Croatia. (I had to head down to the lobby most of the time to post my instagram pics). But I will admit, it was nice getting a break from it all! I stayed in the Hotel Croatia in Cavtat which is about a 20 min drive south of Dubrovnik and it's easily one of the most beautiful places I've visited.

One of the spectacular sunsets over the Adriatic. 

One of the views from our hotel, looking down over Cavtat.

The weather was amazing, up to 30degrees each day and we spent a lot of time just lazing about on the beach which isn't really something I've ever done before but it was nice for a break..... And it meant that I came home with a biteen of a tan too :)
 (Though after 2 days home it's nearly gone already!)

Beach on Lopud Island, Croatia.
I will post more holiday pictures over on ShivInTheBox in the coming days but here are the few outfit pics I posted on Instagram .....

Head on over to my instagram account for more pics and info on what I wore!

And incase ye missed any of the videos I posted while I was away (God love the scheduled videos upload option on Youtube!!!) , here they are.....

I have a load of videos and post to catch up on and get up asap so ye'll be seeing me loads over the coming weeks. 
In the mean time, take care & be good!



  1. I know it's an old post but I simply had to comment on this one because...I'm Croat :P

    I'm glad you enjoyed Croatia. Have you seen the rest of the Adriatic coast or you stayed around Dubrovnik?

    1. We travelled up as far as Split which was gorgeous but that's as far as we made it :)( x


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