Thursday, July 11, 2013

New! Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' Night Spa.... A bit of at-home luxury.

As a blogger, I get to enjoy a few perks of the job, including being sent goodies every-now-and-again from various brands or their PRs. I was recently sent a 'Spa' package by the lovely Vichy PR lady which included their newly released 'Aqualia Thermal' Night Spa hydrating gel as well as a scented candle, a sleep-mask & a pair of slippers. I swear she must have read my mind as it couldn't be more ideal with my holidays just around the corner!

The formula is based on their famous Vichy Spa Thermal Water which comes from the Lucas Spring in France and contains "15 beneficial  minerals". The Spa is centuries old, having treated VIPs from Emperors to modern celebs, including those with the most sensitive of skins, and the benefits of this water is backed up by "12 scientific tests, 3 publications and 3 scientific posters".
Now Vichy have infused this Spa experience into an at home night treatment in the form of their new "Aqualia Thermal Night Spa".  Being another first for the innovative skincare brand, it is a "dual nightly moisturiser and sleeping mask" that intensely hydrates the skin from the first application. 

In a 4-week study held by the brand it was found to...
Beautify the skin by 80%
Increase the skins' suppleness by 89%
Make the skin appear more regenerated by 79%
Sooth the skin by 86%
& transform the skin by 68%

(How they come up with these exact percentages I'll never know and that last one is a bit wishy-washy but I assume it means for the better!)

It is a blue gel like product that fades to nothing once messaged into the skin and does indeed feel intensely moisturising both immediately and hours later when I wake up in the morning. They decided to bring out this formula as a night time product seen as the skin is most active at night when we are in a deep sleep in regards to regenerating itself from the daily aggressors it has to deal with. Plus the skin absorbs the beneficial ingredients more readily in this regenerative state also.
As well as the "mineral-rich beauty water", it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a humectant (attracts moisture to the skin, plumping it up) and Aquabiory, a trade marked ultra-hydrating ingredient. 

Along with the Application method outlined above, they recommend using it either as a nightly moisturiser where it is applied as a thin layer,  or as an intense over-night mask a couple of times a week where it is applied as a thicker layer left to absorb and work it's magic while you sleep.

It is a water-based gel/cream formula that's non-oily and as always with the Vichy products, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skins and is dermatologically tested.

The 75ml (2.54fl.oz) pot is available now from usual Vichy stockists at the recommended retail price (RRP)  of €27.00.

*AND presently, selected pharmacies are holding a promotion where you will receive the gift in the picture below containing a 50ml Thermal Spa Water Spray, 30ml Purete Thermal Micellar Solution and a 7ml sample of the Aqualia Thermal Night Spa all in a fancy box when you spend €25 or more on the Aqualia Thermal range.

I must sound like a parrot at this stage but I couldn't recommend the Vichy skincare products enough, regardless of whether I am sent them by the PR or buy them with my own money which I do several times on a monthly basis!

What are your favourites from the brand??

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  1. I've tried out their idelia day cream and aqualia thermal day cream and they were both amazing, but the aqualia thermal eye roll-on was a complete let down, was super drying on me...and I must comment on the quirky slippers, so funny paired up with the dark nail polish and printed pants, should've made a fashion post on them :)))

    1. I haven't tried the roll-on eye thingy but that's a shame! :) x


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