Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NEW! Wella Color Recharge Conditioners. (Sponsored Post)

We all know that unless you go down the permanent hair colouring route (which is damaging to our delicate locks) and instead opt for the more healthy, hair-friendly 'Semi-' option, your colour will be faded well before you'd like..... Or as I find, well before the hair dye box tells me!! 
It's always the lovely newly-dyed sheen that is the first to leave the building and while you may still have depth of colour for a whileen longer, the overall look can just seem dull. 
These fellas from Wella (Ha! ...^_^... I am way too easily amused!)... Anyhow, these new 'Color Recharge' conditioners from the Wella Professionals range are here to save the day & deal with this exact problem. They help to hold off the annoying fading, as well as freshen up your colour in-between salon visits, so you can enjoy a little bit of vibrancy for longer!

Left; My hair after about a month, the fading is really noticeable on the bleached panel to the left.
Centre; freshly dyed hair (but fuzzy)
Right; After 3 or 4 washes using the color recharge conditioner.

The collection offers six of the 'Color Recharge' conditioners;
2 for blondes, 
2 for red heads & 
2 for brunettes to cover both cool & warm shades.

The conditioner I was sent to test out was for warm toned brunettes, perfect for my current hair colour which a warm chocolate brown. It is a bright orange colour which might look a tad scary but it just deposits the perfect amount of warmth to the hair giving it a gorgeous auburny shine, which strengthens in intensity over time with continuous use. Plus unlike other coloured conditioners I have used before, it doesn't stain the skin or require you to wear gloves to apply.

I have been using it for a week now and it definitely has improved the tone and shine of my fine hair without weighing it down.
You leave it in your hair after shampooing for up to 5 minutes, the longer the leave, the more colour pay-off. By the time I have my legs shaved etc it's probably more like 10 minutes though but I always seem to leave colours in way longer than recommended & haven't encountered any problems.

It comes in a 200ml 'squeezy tube' with the tone clearly marked on the front and retails for RRP £11.15
(which I imagine will hit about the €15-or-so mark in Ireland).

The collection also has a shampoo for cool blondes which is a violet colour correcting shampoo that helps to counteract brassy tones. 
The 'Color Recharge Cool Blonde Shampoo' retails for RRP £11.15 also.

These are Salon exclusive products and are available nationwide since March 2013.

Have you guys any tips on keeping colour looking vibrant in between colours??

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